Lawsuit 1.11 - A Quick Review
  • 2009/8/10 17:16

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Lawsuit 1.11 | News Announcement

I decided to take a look at this new module to see if it would work for a particular use on a site I'm working on. While it didn't do what I was looking for at the time, it looks to be an interesting but simple module that I'm sure someone can use (maybe even me at another point in time).

Lawsuit generally seems to be a combination of basic Page and Contact Forms functionality ala the WF-Channel (without blocks) and Liaise (Contact Us) modules. Likely easily adaptable to many situations.

On the admin side, the module supports the creation of Pages, Page Categories, and Forms, and supports permissions by Category. The module doesn't have notifications or comments, but likely isn't needed for what this module does.

On the user side, an index page lists the Pages. A page will show the page-specific content, and a list of the available forms. You will have to otherwise link between your pages. You may create ad-hoc pages using your WYSIWYG editor of choice as well as ad-hoc forms (like Liaise or Formulaire) with all the various elements.

Test Environment
XOOPS 2.3.3
ThAdmin 1.1
Lawsuit 1.11
Numerous other modules installed

I only ran into one problem on this using the above setup. When I go to the module admin, the menu items across the top didn't show correctly - the links looked like they belong to another module (and they did). The links replicate the menu items of the Articles module (which I cloned as "blogs"). Weird. After some experimentation, I found that when I turn off ThAdmin in the site prefs, the links do what they are supposed to do. So, there appears to be some conflict between ThAdmin and the Lawsuit module. Personally, I'm not yet sure where to point the finger.

While I didn't test it, I wonder if the author fixed the problem Liaise has with its DHTML text box (it doesn't work in Liaise, about my only complaint with Liaise other than wanting to send to a specific email(s) address instead of a XOOPS group).

A usable and likely useful module for a simple site needing to manage ad-hoc WYSIWYG pages and Forms together as a single module.

Re: Lawsuit 1.11 - A Quick Review
  • 2009/8/10 20:00

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Useful description !


Re: Lawsuit 1.11 - A Quick Review

Hey you forgot to comment about the liaise repository with forensic fingerprinting of the data for legislated presentation in court in an accepted checksum/hashinfo/fingerprint..

Thanks for the review.. I am still wondering about the brandy and coke myself...


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