newbb/cbb topic count
  • 2009/3/26 23:34

  • deepak267

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the newbb subfourm topic counts are not shown under forum index page. It shows only count of topic under each forum but excludes the count of its subforum. Is there a way to show the sum of subforum topic count on the forum count.

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if you select " Fresh Water Aquarium" forum the count is zero but there is a record under its sub category "Turtle & Tortoise".

thanks for your help

Re: newbb/cbb topic count
  • 2010/1/9 18:14

  • kccmt

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Has this issue ever been solved? I'm stuck with the same problem.

Re: newbb/cbb topic count
  • 2010/1/9 19:38

  • ghia

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All fora are independent. The counts are the real counts of the posts in a forum. The posts in a subforum do not belong to the parent forum and should not be counted as such.
If you add the count of the children to it, the pagination of the parent forum will be disturbed, because there are less posts available then indicated.

Try to live with the current behaviour.

Re: newbb/cbb topic count
  • 2010/1/10 10:44

  • kccmt

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Sorry but the current behaviour is not correct.
Every kind of forum system I have used so far does count the posts in the subforums (as well as the last post) when showing the total of the main forum in the index page, which is normal because otherwise it may seem that a main forum is empty whil there are actually several posts in the subforums it contains.
This way there is no way to know from the index page whether there have been new posts in the subforums.

Also I don't see what would be the problem of the pagination, as the count only is shown in the index page and it shouldn't matter which number is written there.


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