Multiple domains one server best practices
  • 2008/12/14 5:24

  • alphamonk

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Hi All,

I am attempting to setup my domains/websites using the best practices for SEO and bot crawling optimization and so things just basically work properly. I have one hosted web server and I want to host multiple forwarded domains from this site.

I was originally hosting one domain on the web serverhttp://www.mydomain0.com. I installed XOOPS and my second domain name is permanently forwarded tohttp://www.mydomain0.com/xoops using the domain namehttp://www.mydomain1.com. Using webmaster tools I am not able to verify my forwarded site and I want to be able to have google, msn and yahoo index my present sites and any new sites I add to this server.(NOTE the links provided are not real, I was using them for examples)

Is forwarding the best way to host multiple sites om my web server? Is there a better way? I want to eventually host three to four websites on this web server and I would like to know what the best practices are for hosting multiple sites in a optimized, best practices kind of way.

As I wrote earlier I have not figured out how to get google webmaster tools to verify my forwarded site, plus if I use mydomain1.com in mainfile.php I can only get to the top page, so I have to use mydomain0.com/xoops in mainfile.php to get the site to work properly.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

Re: Multiple domains one server best practices
  • 2008/12/15 2:02

  • ghia

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You may have a look at this.

Re: Multiple domains one server best practices
  • 2009/1/6 16:16

  • alphamonk

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This is an update to my original question about what the best way to go about having one server, serve pages for multiple domains/websites.

The best way I have found to get the functionality that I wanted while still having the domains function properly for SEO was to ditch the forwarding and use DNS to resolve my domain names to the correct pages on my web server.


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