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Posted on: 2008/8/25 12:59
reWARder (Show more)
Not too shy to talk
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Moving XOOPs Installation to another server

Since 36h hours I'm trying to move my XOOPS based website www.ocaholic.ch

All I get is a white page.

What I did:
I downloaded all the files and exported the db via phpmyadmin. Then I uploaded all the files and set the chmods. I also imported the database again via phpmyadmin.

My Problem:
When I want to access my website on the development server I only get a white page and I really can't do anythin.

Has anybody an idea what one could do wrong when moving a XOOPS based website?


Posted on: 2008/8/25 13:09
Mamba (Show more)
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Re: Moving XOOPs Installation to another server

1) Do both servers have the same PHP version? Sometimes modules are not compatible with PHP5, which is causing blank screens

2) Therefore first install XOOPS (no modules), to make sure that it works.

3) Then add modules one by one, making sure that XOOPS is still working. For each module upload the corresponding tables form your DB Backup.

This way it wil be easier to find where is the problem. You can also turn on the debugger.
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Posted on: 2008/8/25 13:33
ghia (Show more)
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Re: Moving XOOPs Installation to another server

Did you adapt mainfile.php?
Have you emty the caches?
- /cache except adminmenu.php and index.html
- /template_c except index.html
- Optional Protector /trustpath/modules/protector/configs