Purchase Copyright Removal?
  • 2008/7/31 15:58

  • LauraR

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I am setting up XOOPS for a site. We are using very few modules, mainly aimed towards user management. I am asking about the copyright. Is there a place where I could purchase copyright removal (from the bottom only)? Or is it ok to remove the copyright on the bottom, but leave the copyright elsewhere intact.

There are multiple reasons for this, one is safety. The other is image, as I like XOOPS and what it offers, but the copyright on the bottom may kill the look of my splash pages and other pages.

Thank you

Re: Purchase Copyright Removal?

Do you want to remove the copyright or do you want to remove the copyright notice on the public part of your site. I don't believe the latter is a problem, unless you use a piece of software other than the XOOPS core (module, theme or plugin) that is licensed in a way that this is forbidden.

Please note that the XOOPS core is licenced with the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991. Changing the license/copyright can only be done by the original author, other people are obliged to "share alike" the software if they distribute it... Changing the copyright is IMHO very, very difficult as it is a collaborative product (which is a good thing!).

Warning: the information above is provided 'as it is' and I accept no liability for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by any legal or natural person as a result of this information. Always verify critical information with the relevant authorities before you use it.

Re: Purchase Copyright Removal?
  • 2008/7/31 20:06

  • LauraR

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I just wish to remove the copyright notice near the bottom of the page. There will be no other modifications.

Re: Purchase Copyright Removal?
  • 2008/7/31 20:49

  • Peekay

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You are free to remove any mention of XOOPS from the pages of your website and you can of course add your own copyright notice to protect the site design, e.g. copyright 'abc web design'.

The general rule with open-source CMS applications is that you should not state that the site is 'powered' by your own content management system, so 'powered by abc web design' would be considered ungracious, AFAIK.

I personally leave module developers credits intact in the admin side and remove them from the public side.
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