Editing a theme
  • 2008/4/27 16:25

  • Sargon

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I am trying to edit a theme, but it doesn't matter whatever changes I make into theme.html, it doesn't affect the web site.
I try to comment the whole theme.html body, or add some text after the body tag. But I don't see anything.
I didn't set caching in the system preferences.
What am I doing wrong?

Re: Editing a theme
  • 2008/4/27 16:58

  • noo-b

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The chances are that all your modifications are there but the reason for not seeing them is because your browser is still seeing the old version. After making changes to a theme, you should always carry out the following:

1- be sure that you set "Update module template .html files from themes/your theme/templates directory?" to "YES" in General Settings! (should be turn off when your site is live)
2- Delete all the files (except any index file) in the templates_c and cache folder in the root of your site.
3- Configure your browser to always look for a new version of a website, or
4- Delete all your browsers cached files.
5- Refresh your browser and visit your pages again.

This nearly always remedies the problem. If your changes are still not visible, then it's time to re-check your work.

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Re: Editing a theme
  • 2008/4/29 15:43

  • eugenia

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I know exactly how you feel. I had the same problem and found another way of doing it, perhaps i should say simpler...

On the local site of my ftp (I'm using dreamweaver) I rename the folder of the particular theme. If it is called MyTheme, I rename it to something like MyTheme2. I then open theme.html and replace all the MyTheme lines with MyTheme2.

I then copy it to the server, go to preferences and select the theme. Done!

It may not be the best way but it works and it's fairly easy as I find myself constantly having to change the theme a bit.

Good Luck!


Re: Editing a theme
  • 2008/4/29 16:49

  • tom

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eugenia, That sounds more complicated to me, but each to their own.

Do as Noo-b said, clear your template_c folder (but keep index.html).

CTRL + F5 do a hard refresh. (clears old browser site, to show the latest version).

You shouldn't need to clear cache as this not really theme related.

Re: Editing a theme
  • 2008/4/30 17:22

  • eugenia

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Maybe you're right I'll try that way next time. I've got a tendency to make things more complicated than they are


Re: Editing a theme
  • 2008/5/2 11:36

  • Sargon

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I updated my theme.html file, but I don't see the changes in my browser no matter what I do.
I think I did all 5 thigns mentioned by noo-b but it still doesn't work.
I deleted all the files in template_c and etc, and yet I cannot see the changes.

Edit: Ok, I just noticed my ftp program did not show me the correct state of template_c. It showed as if the folder is empty(except for index.html) while it was not.


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