What Forum module you like the best?...
  • 2008/1/21 14:02

  • altenergy

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I'm Using XOOPS for half a year now, and I currently setup a new website, and was wondering what would be the best forum module for unexperienced users.

Newbb, Newbbex, d3forum, or any other modules.

My new website isn't Computer related, so having unexperienced users is definitely plausible.


Re: What Forum module you like the best?...
  • 2008/1/21 14:41

  • Quest

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I have tried Newbbex and CBB. Both are excellent modules. From what I understand Newbbex was created to be more simplified than CBB but both are great modules. CBB/newbb requires Frameworks and Xoopseditor to be uploaded too.

Give them each a whirl would be my best suggestion.


Re: What Forum module you like the best?...
  • 2008/1/21 22:36

  • cagefox

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I am wondering the same thing. I have latest version of XOOPS - 2.0.18 and I am using newbb 2.02 and having some issues with it. For starters when I create a forum everything goes well but when I want to edit a forum all I get a line of text that says edit forum with nothing to edit the forum with. I have uploaded newbb many times and still nothing even reinstalled it. Still same issue.... I have kinda learned to live with this and now I spot another issue.

At the top of the forum where it list the date and time. The date is correct but the time is not. I have gone into prefferences in general settings to make sure I have right time zone set there and all is good. I still have this issue. I could not find a way to change the time zone for newbb 2.02 itself.

Would it be best to use another forum module like Newbbex. I was also told not to use CBB unless you use XOOPS versions 2.2. Is this correct thinking?

Please let me know if anyone has suggestions on which module I should use or how I could fix the issues I am having with newbb 2.02.

Thank you in advance...

Re: What Forum module you like the best?...
  • 2008/1/22 16:52

  • mesol

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why don't you updaye your newbb to latest version 3.08?


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