No access, blank page
  • 2007/9/30 18:08

  • Roashan

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Hallo everyone,

I have installed XOOPS and after changing the theme, i went to view my site and suddenly white page.

The problem is that I can't access the site. I have tried to chech the database and eveythings are correct.

I do not know what to do?

Please help me, cause that site is temporarly closed and my boss is shouting on me every single day.

Best regards:


Re: No access, blank page

Have you tried accessing the admin area directly?


Re: No access, blank page
  • 2007/10/1 6:42

  • Roashan

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Thank you for a very prompt reply. Yes I have but still no access. I don't know what to do? Please help.

Re: No access, blank page

Have you tried just deleting the theme folder that's causing trouble?

Re: No access, blank page
  • 2007/10/3 23:33

  • dashley

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I have the same issue.

I have tried the direct path as well as deleting the theme folder.

Could it be the cookie path, something we set in the preferences or the fact that the Admin is the only member there is at this point?

Re: No access, blank page
  • 2007/10/4 2:01

  • mboyden

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User your database toolset (phpMyAdmin, maybe) to run the following mySQL command:

UPDATE 'xoops_config'
SET conf_value='oldthemename'
WHERE conf_name='theme_set';

oldthemename is the name (aka directory) of your old theme. And if you use a different 'prefix' than 'xoops' for your tables, then you should use 'prefix_config' for the table name.

This will get you back up and running. Then, to test out new themes, enable the theme chooser block in the blocks administrator for admins only and in the preferences, set it so you can change the themes amongst those you want, but leave the current good one default. Then you can test it out that way (and use two different browsers, maybe). Also, if the theme doesn't work, backing up a page using the browser navigation puts you back to the original theme.

Hope that helps.
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Re: No access, blank page
  • 2007/10/4 5:33

  • irmtfan

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if you have an issue with a new theme there is an easy way:
change the theme/default folder to the name of theme folder that cause blank page.
eg: NEW_THEME has an issue, then you change "default" theme name to "NEW_THEME"


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