Issues w/embedded MP3 in IE
  • 2007/7/10 2:32

  • DjMikeWatt

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Hello, all...

While this isn't really a XOOPS problem (I don't think), it is on my XOOPS site, and would love it if some people could help me out.

On the page:http://www.WattProductions.com/modules/vsamps

there are 4 embedded mp3s on the page (with visable players, not auto-playing)... now, most computers with IE display correctly, but a few provide pop-ups describing a plug-in error.

Now, using my awesome powers of deduction (ha!) I'm thinking that the difference is the computer's default player for MP3. When it's WMP, no problem... when it's Real Player, no problem... It looks to me like the problem lies in iTunes/Quicktime.

If people could just visit the page and see if it loads correctly, and let me know if it does or not and your default player that would be of great help to me!

Also, if I am right about this, does anyone have any bright ideas to circumvent the issue? It's imparative that this work across multiple platforms.

And last but not least, this page may take a little time to load, it's preloading the mp3s. In the final version, however, I plan to use javascript pop-ups to launch each audio file after it's been selected, which should make that page load as quickly as any other!

Thanks all - I appreciate everyone's help!

Micahel Farese

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Re: Issues w/embedded MP3 in IE
  • 2007/7/10 3:07

  • pod

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The best solution I've found for this is the "wimpy" button. See it here:
Get it here:

Hope this helps!
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Re: Issues w/embedded MP3 in IE
  • 2007/7/10 7:24

  • DjMikeWatt

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I love this! Seriously, thanks so much! The page loads faster, and it seems to have full functionality across all browsers! It's great... thanks!


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