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Posted on: 2007/6/4 12:25
albgi (Show more)
Just popping in
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Help me for new users registration

Please Help me, my site is www.xt660.it:

I have a system with XOOPS 2.2.5 (upgrading by 2.2.2 15 day later)

The system every 2 and 3 day, block new users register procedure (the problem was found from later release 2.2.2 and I upgrading for resolve, but...).
in the users table of MySQL database there is a record with data of new user, but the register date is 1/01/1970 and de post record is -1.
I have find other blank record after new users append.

For resolve I must delete the defect new user record and all following blank record in the users tabla and profile users table.

Base information:

Remote system on Aruba.i Provider

Linux sistem operating

Php version 4.4.4

XOOPS version 2.2.5

thank you for attention and excuse me for bad english