games module?
  • 2007/3/8 14:18

  • dalex2006

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Im looking for a games module that lets users play games and it records the users record like CPG Dragonfly's DF_Arcade. are there any available for xoops.

Re: games module?
  • 2007/3/8 14:59

  • LiliVG

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There's a Chess Module, but no other games modules that do what you're asking. I've never used it, so I don't know what features it has. The closest thing to a multiple games module is a really basic module which basically consists of an iframe to another site's list of games. When you click on a game, a pop up windows comes up and the users can play the games, but the pop up is from the external site, there's no score tracking. The good thing is there are 407 flash games to play, but no score tracking, so I guess it depends on how important that part of it is to you.

Re: games module?

i saw this link at their site..
LINK:: XOOPS FlashGames ..but i never tried it..
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Re: games module?
  • 2007/3/9 1:03

  • dalex2006

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Thank You!

Re: games module?
  • 2007/3/10 23:22

  • middleton

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Just installed the XOOPS flashgames module, and it works great!

For those of you manually installing the games, be sure to check out the .ini file that is in each .zip archive. It gives you all the info you need, such as dimensions for the game, background colour, and type of score.


Re: games module?
  • 2007/4/11 22:33

  • radamateur

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Hi, I am having a problem with the pnflashgames module...I'm not able to add games manually. When I try to load the .gif and the .swf files, I hit the submit button and then my browser just goes blank and log's me out of the site. I have set the permissions on the /games & /cache files to 777 per the install instructions. I can add the free games using the AIS just fine, but not games that I download from the pnflashgames website. I'm running XOOPS 2.0.15 and pnflashgames 1.0.1

I would greatly appreciate any help I can get with this problem.

Thank You.

Re: games module?
  • 2007/4/11 22:55

  • tom

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One note on PNFlashgames, it seems that the dev has gone awol, and many forum posts and not being answered, there shop has been closed for many many months now, probably coming close to year.

If you go with this module, expect non or little support.

And unfortunately there is no other options.

If your using it just for games and not for the high score feature, then you maybe ok for a while, but if there any any security bugs, then you'll be stuck.

I'd maybe hold out, until either the dev becomes active again, or someone else makes another module.

Re: games module?
  • 2007/4/12 19:13

  • radamateur

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Hi Tom, thanks for the reply. Yeah, I did notice that there is little to no activity over at their site. I posted over there too, but it went unanswered. I'm still hoping that somebody will be able to help me out with this.




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