Upgrade from 2.0.13 to 2.0.16
  • 2007/1/3 10:03

  • Antoine

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XOOPS Version: 2.0.13 now 2.0.16 ish
Module Name/Version: n.a. though MyAlbum-P, News and Links appropriate for 2.0.13 were installed
PHP Version: 4.3.10-16.14
MySQL Version: 4.1.11
Web Server Software (Apache/IIS/Other): Apache
Operating System: Debian
Theme you are using: n.a.
Custom template: No
PHP Debug Messages: none, admin panel not accessible
MySQL Debug Messages: none, admin panel not accessible
Smarty Debug Messages: none, admin panel not accessible
A full description of the issue:

Hi. Just did an upgrade from 2.0.13 to 2.0.16 using the full-package as per the instructions. This caused a total meltdown. For some reason the site spits out something to this extent:

) { return $this->dump'blocks' ); } function dumpExtra() { return $this->dump'extra' ); } function dumpQueries() { return $this->dump'queries' ); } /**#@-*/ /* * PHP Error handler * * NB: You're not supposed to call this function directly, if you dont understand why, then * you'd better spend some time reading your PHP manual before you hurt somebody * * @internal: Using a function and not calling the handler method directly coz old PHP versions * set_error_handler() have problems with the array( obj,methodname ) syntax */

etc. etc.

I also noticed that all of a sudden session keys are passed as a GET variable across requests.

I hope someone can help me get this upgrade on the road. Did I miss a critical addendum to the upgrade instructions?

Re: Upgrade from 2.0.13 to 2.0.16
  • 2007/2/5 15:22

  • abcon

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I'm facing the same situation. I notice there were no replies to your query. Did you solve the upgrade problem?

Re: Upgrade from 2.0.13 to 2.0.16
  • 2007/2/5 15:57

  • JMorris

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To be honest, it sounds like you did a leap frog upgrade from 2.0.13 -> 2.0.16. This won't work.

Did you backup your site before attempting the upgrade?
-> If yes, restore from backup.
-> If no, make sure you have a backup of your database and remove the 2.0.16 files and upload the 2.0.13 files

You cannot go directly from 2.0.13 -> 2.0.16. It is NEVER advisible to do such a large jump in versions. The best procedure is to upgrade incrimentally and test after each upgrade. When you have verified a version works, back it up and move on to the next upgrade. Your upgrade path should be like this...

2.0.13 -> Make a failsafe backup -> Upgrade to 2.0.14 -> Test 2.0.14 -> Make a backup when 2.0.14 works -> Upgrade to 2.0.15 -> Test 2.0.15 -> Make a backup when 2.0.15 works -> Upgrade to 2.0.16 -> Test 2.0.16 -> Make a backup when 2.0.16 works

If at any point in the upgrade process you run into problems, restore from backup and try again.

Some tips to smooth the upgrade process:
Disable your modules (DO NOT UNINSTALL THEM - JUST DISABLE!)
Set your theme and templates to the default values
Disable your blocks (DON'T DELETE THEM - JUST DISABLE!)
Turn on PHP debug
Turn off your site

Procede cautiously, reading every letter of the upgrade instructions 3x or more. Make sure you are 100% comfortable with what has to be done before you do it. If you don't know what you are doing, ask for guidance BEFORE you attempt an upgrade.

Please forgive the bold and CAPS, but upgrades are one of the most touchy things you can do with your XOOPS site. Do it right, and it will go smoothly. Skip steps and procede carelessly and you can loose years of data.


Insanity can be defined as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

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