NewBB 2.2 to latest CBB?
  • 2006/11/29 13:34

  • BDW

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Is it posible to upgrade from NewBB 2.2 to latest CBB and keep all posts?

Re: NewBB 2.2 to latest CBB?
  • 2006/11/29 14:50

  • msdana

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From the release notes:

The package is supposed able to upgrade any previous version of newbb and CBB. If you have any issue with upgrade, please report it

It wouldn't hurt to backup your site files and database before performing this upgrade
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Re: NewBB 2.2 to latest CBB?
  • 2006/11/29 15:08

  • wizanda

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It wouldn't hurt

To test on a server before hand....which you can use wamp for, and it is far safer....then you know all like ABC when doing anything for real

Re: NewBB 2.2 to latest CBB?
  • 2007/2/20 22:47

  • evylrat

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I feel like I'm missing something here.
I've got about 3000 posts on my Newbb 2.02, XOOPS 2.0.16.
I put latest Frameworks in XOOPS root, added the XOOPS Editor, and overwrote the newbb files with the CBB 3.08 files. Go to system, modules, update the forum and all I get is a blank screen. Tried it on an empty database and it still doesn't quite work.

With debug on, I get
All errors (0) queries (6) blocks (0) extra (1) timers (3)
SELECT * FROM cheshx_config WHERE (conf_modid = '0' AND conf_catid = '1') ORDER BY conf_order ASC
SELECT sess_data FROM cheshx_session WHERE sess_id = '22106a54b632746af10dafd3307f9621'
SELECT * FROM cheshx_users WHERE uid=1
SELECT * FROM cheshx_modules WHERE dirname = 'system'
SELECT * FROM cheshx_modules WHERE dirname = 'newbb'
SELECT * FROM cheshx_newblocks WHERE mid=2
Total: 6 queries
Total: 0 blocks
Token Validation: Valid token found
XOOPS took 1.008 seconds to load.
XOOPS Boot took 0.193 seconds to load.
Module init took 0.814 seconds to load.

Nothing else. Anyone overcome this?
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