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Posted on: 2006/10/10 7:30
elbaastro (Show more)
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help wanted for eguide

member /modules/eguide/admin.php. I can't find the link at no way.
In admin: Group of Event Post registerd users yes.
Can't find the link on users side to post for a new event.
I can give permission modules acces for users, everybody can changes the event,,. that is not oke.
who can help me??
thank you.


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Posted on: 2006/10/22 23:44
beach_defend (Show more)
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Re: help wanted for eguide

I've just started using eguide, so I'm not much use at the present for youe issue, but will be working with over the next few months, so hopefully we can collaboate a litle.

I am trying to work out how to have eguide use a wysiwyg editor for registering events.