>>>>>Xoopers Meeting on Improving Modules System<<<<<
  • 2006/5/10 7:25

  • wizanda

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Ok in response to someone who asked for working modules…. And the fact I am sick of looking on here to see repeated error messages all over, important messages lost in a pile of other repeated messages.
So I would like to suggest a shape up of Xoops.org and the way our whole module entry system works.
Now I know people have said this before, that we need one…… yet there hasn’t been a definitive answer how that will work.
So I would like to suggest an idea I think will work….
Ok first Xoops.org needs CBB for this to work cleanly and I feel CBB is a lot more stable then Newbb2 and has far more functionality.
Ok why do we need CBB? Well when you have added sub forums, you can also have these hidden away.
This means, it will make our forum a lot clear and make what I purposing possible.
So we separate it into main headings themes, modules and then hide the sub one, as at the moment the forum is too big to find anything easily.
That way everyone knows where to post and it simplifies our forums a little as they are far to complex.
Then in that forum each time a new module is released it can be given its own sub forum on Xoops.org, for discussions only on that module.
Making it so much easier to choose where a topic will go as each will be clearly defined and for the purpose of development helping a great deal in keeping it organised.
We could also do this with each forum and make it down into more sub forums rather then forums.
Meaning 1 forum for themes, then moderators who know there stuff have a whole area, with sub forum.
When it come to the module though this is the best reason,
This also allows authors to check what people are saying and doing in one given place for the whole of Xoops, making it much easier to find a keep track of bugs that show up on different systems.
Now if a module is near production then it stays on Xoops.dev which could also do with a system like this, as then we use XOOPS more for what it is good at a community.
I choose XOOPS for that and though I have seen set backs over the 3 years or so I have been with XOOPS of people coming and going.
If we look back why? We will also find that this was the problem that people left for lack of communication.
So can we please do this shut XOOPS down for a day, install CBB if it checks out ok by everyone and segment the forums to have a systematic approach in its layout?
Then when any of us come to doing a new release, how quick will it be, if you can use your left and right hand at the same time.
That is in both senses……:
As at the moment, I feel I have one of my hands tied behind my back, as yes I can fix things all day, yet how can I let others know, how others can let me know.
Also that if you can use copy and paste with two hands you can quickly do an update of all fixes in minute rather then days, as everything will be provided by all the fixes hacks everyone has done in the one forum meant for that module.
Isn’t this what XOOPS was built on, as when I have looked through the core it is a hack here and hack there, to make XOOPS we know and love today.
What do people think?

p.s this intended for the news, is it ok to post it for us all to anwser?

Re: >>>>>Xoopers Meeting on Improving Modules System<<<<<
  • 2006/5/10 7:32

  • phppp

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rebuilding of xoops.org is being organized, of which upgrading to CBB is one of the major tasks for community subsite.
That's why CBB 3.04 comes out in a hurry, implementing some features planned for 3.2

Let's just do it, step by step

Re: >>>>>Xoopers Meeting on Improving Modules System<<<<<
  • 2006/5/10 7:43

  • wizanda

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I agree and glad you are also on it....

Can you hear the point of the sub forums for indervidual modules, so items are itemized.

That way we don't get so many repeat posts, as it is easier to find what you are looking for?

Re: >>>>>Xoopers Meeting on Improving Modules System<<<<<
  • 2006/5/10 13:43

  • solo71

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Good ideas Wizanda, but I see some problems with your organisation.

1) There are hundreds of modules outta there!

2) Not all module developpers are willing to discuss about their modules here. Most of them in fact are solo workers whos just develop their applications for themselves, and as reward to the XOOPS community, allow others to use it freely.

3) Creating one forum for each and every module represents a heavy duty. Too much to deal with for too few persons. A few time ago, the forums of frxoops (french speaking support site) was design that way, with category forums (content modules, agenda modules, picture modules, etc.)... and at the end of the day, it was just a big mess, with nothing clear for noone. We have recently deleted all those forums, and just created a "module support" forums.

To make a long story, short, it doesn't work.


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