Advice on Banner Creation?
  • 2006/4/17 17:56

  • fosterm

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Hi all :)

I was not quite sure where to ask this at so if this is in the wrong place please move it.

I am trying to create some banners to use in the banner system in xoops. I have PSP 10 and can actually make the banners.

I need some advice on how to animate the banners using flash or an animated gif maybe? I would not only like a link connected to the banners, but would also like a mouse over wave or mp3 to play when you mouseover the banner.

Is it possible to do all that with one banner?

Please give me any advice or recommendation on programs or tutorials that may help me out. I have downloaded many flash type programs but have not found one that seems to work like I want it to.

Also remember that I am a newb on banner creation.

I have what I would call a crude banner up atm, just so you can see my skill level.


Re: Advice on Banner Creation?
  • 2006/4/17 18:47

  • FusionKid

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For Flash banners, etc., I use a program called SwishMax. It can be found here. It's not free, but it is pretty cheap and very easy to use if you're not very familiar with Flash.

Re: Advice on Banner Creation?
  • 2006/4/18 15:05

  • fosterm

  • Just popping in

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Hi Fusion

Thanks for the reply

I have updated my banner since your reply by making an animated gif.

If you know the advantages of using flash over something like animated gif, could you please elaborate? I still dont quite have a good understanding of what areas you would want to use flash over animated gifs.



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