Change Hyperlinks Thoughout Site???
  • 2006/1/2 19:54

  • shim007

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xoops 2.09

I am using the core NEWS module to handle my articles instead of the core SECTIONS module.

When I click on the links within my articles that are suppose to link to my other articles, I get a 404 error page.

Do I have to change all the hyperlinks throughout my site to reflect hyperlinks that points to storyid or is there another way?

Please assist...

Re: Change Hyperlinks Thoughout Site???
  • 2006/1/2 20:25

  • Bender

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Can you give a concrete example?
(its not the site in your profile i figure)
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Re: Change Hyperlinks Thoughout Site???
  • 2006/1/2 21:32

  • shim007

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Thanks for your reply.

OK. On my index.php page I have links to two pages:

animaltypes.php and benefits.php.

These are, of course, internal links. I need to know if there is a way to keep the internal file names of these pages the same, or do I have to adopt the XOOPS file name of storyid=1, storyid=2, and so forth and rename them all. (I have SEVERAL internal links throughout the site).

In other words, would animaltypes.php have to be reference with, for example, storyid=2
and benefits.php have to be referenced with, for example, storyid=3


I am changing two sites over to XOOPS one is www.diseasesfromanimals.org which is the one I am referring to now, and www.importrival.com which will be the more complicated one to migrate because it is using another CMS at the moment.

The link for the revision of www.diseasesfromanimals.org that I am currently working on is here if it helps http://www.diseasesfromanimals.org/xoops

Re: Change Hyperlinks Thoughout Site???

You have link to

Where you find this URL on real site inside News module??? And why you expect something more than 404???
News (as other modules) have standard and well-known format of URLs, user=friendly URL not supported, and there aren't plans of supporting this feature in visible future - devs are busy in flame, chatting and "real life"
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Re: Change Hyperlinks Thoughout Site???
  • 2006/1/2 22:17

  • skenow

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When you use a relative url (animaltypes.php), any link is based on your current base url (http://www.yoursite.com/xoops/modules/news/). Your urls are in the base directory of your site. Using an absolute url (www.yoursite.com/animaltypes.php) will direct the user to the correct page.


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