Google got server down...
  • 2005/12/7 10:21

  • sikey

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Has this ever happend to anyone else? Approx 10 hours ago, google almost completely got my server down... serverload was sometimes at +100%... checking my logs revealed that different google bots were crawling my site... now today everything is back to normal, serverload of 0,2%... Checking google for indexed pages i can now see instead of 107.000 indexed 196.000 indexed... which is good, but then again why would google use so many resources of my server?... I'm currently already using a dedicated server for the php and one for the database... Not much more i can do i suppose?...

Re: Google got server down...
  • 2005/12/7 11:10

  • highlander

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Hi Sikey,

yours is not the only site google has to index. Possible this is why they try to get at much as quickly as possible.

I am also not aware of any techniques to make google "take it easy".

If moeny isn't an issue you could look into stuff like load-balancing and the like.
Personally I'd just be glad the server could handle the load and that the number of indexed pages has almost doubled.

Greetings Highlander
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Re: Google got server down...


Is this good because Google indexes your site very well?

Or is this bad because you have a lot of double content?

Re: Google got server down...
  • 2005/12/7 22:42

  • sikey

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I'ld say it is good because i have almost no duplicate content indexed... maybe some print pages and such... but nothing serious...
Seems like yahoo is now indexing the site too... which is very good because after the last google update my yahoo traffic almost became ZERO...
I'm already seeing some more visitors, but for google i guess i'll have to wait till the next update for the new pages to be ranked well...


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