automatic reload problem
  • 2005/12/1 15:45

  • desoete

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I have the following problem: I have installad the latest version and now when I log in or log out I can the page with this message:" If the page does not automatically reload, please click here".
The problem is, the page never reloads automatically.
Can someone help me, plz?


Re: automatic reload problem

yea im getting the same problem if u find some fix send me and email to vitty.trance@gmail.com and if i find something ill let u know

Re: automatic reload problem
  • 2005/12/16 10:23

  • Bananadude

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This is a common problem, and I think it never got solved.
But, the prob. suddenly went away for both me and some others.

I'm just guessing, but you can try one or more of the following:

If you have deactivated javascript in your browser, then that can be whats causing the problem.

Switch to the default theme and see what happens then.

Log in to your admin-panel, choose modules and update the System module.

Go to System Preferences and enable debug, see if you get any error/warnings for the page which isn't beeing reloaded.

Try with repairing your database, maybe that will help you out. If you use phpMyAdmin it can be easily done from there.
From phpMyAdmin frontpanel click Databases, click on your XOOPS database, go to the buttom and choose "select all".
From the dropdownbox "With selected:" choose Repair table.

Best Regards,
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Re: automatic reload problem
  • 2005/12/16 12:22

  • perhol

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XOOPS 2.2.3 - Default theme - All modules rebuilt - templates_c cleared - Browser cache cleared - ... ...

Javascript enabled in all browsers I've tested. It has never heppened in IE6 but doues happen in firefox efter ahile. My impression is that it occurs after posting a news article, but I can't say that I have pin-pointed it to the news-module. After it happens I need to restart Firefox.


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