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Not too shy to talk
Posted on: 2005/8/31 14:59
sudhaker (Show more)
Not too shy to talk
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Xoops certified modules...

XOOPS certified modules...

Can we discuss about a QA process for un-official modules as well?

People blame Microsoft for making a very insecure and unstable OS. In reality, OS itself is pretty stable (NT family kernel was designed by same person who designed Digital-UNIX). The operating system is well designed and has great support for muti-threading and other basic stuffs; still it is one of most unstable OS.

The real problem with Microsoft is that they exposed very powerful APIs but had no control (until recently) over how other vendors were using them. Most of the problems were in device-drivers; bringing down the server. Starting from Windows XP, Microsoft finally started driver-certification process which is pretty successful. As a result Windows XP (and family) became much more stable than.

Moral of story is:

Xoops core team should also take responsibility of mentoring and reviewing all XOOPS module development effort. When someone says that his XOOPS site is slow, that is mostly because he is experiencing some in-efficient module. But ironically, this blame mostly goes to Xoops.

In my free time I sometime walk through XOOPS core; and many times I reported any possibilities of improvement via Sourceforge tracker. As a whole my feedback for XOOPS core and official modules is pretty good. Good work team !!!

Many third party modules are also very well written. I appreciate all of their efforts in making this open source project successful. Can we put some effort to improve quality of whole community, not just XOOPS core? 'XOOPS Module Development Forge' is a great effort in this line but what about QA and code-review?

Please discuss it for welfare of whole XOOPS community.
Sudhaker Raj


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Posted on: 2005/8/31 15:12
hyperpod (Show more)
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Re: Xoops certified modules...

Great idea.

With open source, the most valuable commodity is time.
Its great when people can spend their time to create/improve complex software.

The XOOPS core team are mostly like you and me. They have to work full-time to pay rent and eat, etc. Unlike Microsoft, there is no XOOPS building with paid developers tapping away at keyboards. But it seems to be a common myth.

The fact that they still find time to work on XOOPS and then release new versions at no cost is simply amazing.

There has been some discussion about QA of modules, and everyone wants to see this progress.

The same reason why it isnt already fully realized is probably the same reason why you have not done this yet. Lack of time to dedicate towards this.

If you wanted to volunteer for this, that would be great.

If not, then you now know why no one else has had the time as well.

Great write up on your last post.. I learned a few things.

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Posted on: 2005/8/31 15:23
kaotik (Show more)
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Re: Xoops certified modules...

A great deal of work has already been done in this area by illustrious members such as Dave_L, MarcoFR and more. Check the QA forum to read more about how the process is going. I'm sure they can always use more help