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Posted on: 2005/8/4 21:02
dplittle (Show more)
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Product Inventory Module. eCommerce?

I'm looking for a way to show my users a list of items and how many we have in stock. We're using XOOPS as our internal info portal and we have two office locations. Sometimes we need to send stuff back and forth. Right now we have a spreadsheet that lists items and how many each office has. From this we can request transfers between the offices. Managing this spreadsheet is a pain. What I'd like is something like the spreadsheet that lets me manage these numbers and at the minimum, show my users how many of each item we have.

Next step up would be to let users request an item.

I've been looking at some of the eCommerce packages but none really have an inventory number. Has anyone seen a module that does something like this?



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Posted on: 2005/8/4 22:28
DCrussader (Show more)
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Re: Product Inventory Module. eCommerce?

This can be done with PriceList+ZIP 2.x, module created by Russian developers, but missed out in this new structure on Modules Repository, try to find it here, if is impossible I will post here a link to one of my mirrors. With small modifications on the module, u can use it for your objectives, supports import/export from/to Excell CSV (not tested with OpenOffice) and XOOPS versions after So I recommend u, after downloading this module, to go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/xoops and to download XOOPS and to test it somewhere before to upload it to your sites.
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