Myalbum blank page
  • 2005/7/28 9:22

  • justtupeu

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I've recently decided to reorder my Myalbum categories, and made some categories have other "parents".
Everything went smoothly, until i decided to have a look at the photo gallery. Even though i can access the entire web site and all the modules, the MyAlbum modules only gives a white space.
Any ideas on how to fix this ?
The website i'm talking about ishttp://www.justtupeu.lx.ro/modules/news/ , and of course the address of the module ishttp://www.justtupeu.lx.ro/modules/myalbum/
Any help would be great.. Because i've had a very large album ( about 500 photos ) and it would be very hard to reupload everything.

EDIT : Giving you more details hoping it will be of help :

Environment Check
PHP directive 'safe_mode' (both ok): on
PHP directive 'file_uploads' (need on): on
PHP directive 'register_globals' (both ok): off
PHP directive 'upload_max_filesize': 2M byte
PHP directive 'post_max_size': 8M byte
PHP directive 'open_basedir': nothing
PHP directive 'upload_tmp_dir': ok
Table Check
Photos table: xoops_myalbum_photos ok
Number of Photos: 389

Descriptions table: xoops_myalbum_text ok
Number of Descriptions: 388

Categories table: xoops_myalbum_cat ok
Number of Categories: 35

Votedata table: xoops_myalbum_votedata ok
Number of Votedata: 35

Comments table: xoops_xoopscomments ok
Number of Comments: 0

Config Check
Pipe for images: GD
GD Version: bundled (2.0.28 compatible)
Check 'GD2' work correctly under your GD bundled with PHP
If the page linked from here don't display correctly, you should give up working your GD as truecolor mode.

Directory for Photos: /usr/home/webroot/lxro/vhosts/justtupeu.lx.ro/uploads/photos ok

Directory for Thumbnails: /usr/home/webroot/lxro/vhosts/justtupeu.lx.ro/uploads/thumbs ok
So everything seems ok..
I can access only the administration menu, and not the main module.
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Re: Myalbum blank page
  • 2005/7/28 9:38

  • justtupeu

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OMG i think i'm going nuts.. I've undone the modifications i've done before and now everything works ok..
And all i've done is make 2 new categories, and make them parents for two other quite large categories..
The organisation would have been better, but if it doesn't work, guess i'll stick with how it is now..
Still waiting for some piece of advice from you, if possible.
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Re: Myalbum blank page
  • 2005/8/22 14:40

  • rcjohnson

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Im having this exact same problem. I have no idea when it broke, but it happend after I started to rearrange categories. Is there an easy fix for this?


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