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Posted on: 2005/7/11 4:24
Rhonda (Show more)
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2.0.13 Installation - html directory?


I've been trying to install 2.0.13 but the script keeps trying to find the files in the /html/ folder. I have all the files in the root directory (as per the upload instructions), but can't figure out where to fix the path for this in the installation script.

Any ideas? I've installed previous versions of XOOPS before for other sights and have not had this problem. Is this a bug with the 2.0.13 version?

Any and all suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!


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Posted on: 2005/7/11 7:20
DCrussader (Show more)
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Re: 2.0.13 Installation - html directory?

Check your web server configuration, if is proper (mainly untouched by unexpirienced user - candidat administrator), XOOPS can be installed from everyhwere:

even from http://localhost/ - such as /var/www/localhost or c:\wamp\www
or from http://localhost/~user - such as home/user/public_html
or from http://localhost/~user/folder1 where is home/user/folder1

there is no matter where XOOPS will be placed, it not depend on the XOOPS 1.2 installer (there is no pre-configuration for it such as Dragonfly 9).
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