• 2005/2/2 11:36

  • tumbler

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I have installed XOOPS too on my website, but i have a question.
What happend if my MySQL server is not running?
can i forward the startup page to another? and how i can do it?


Re: Hi
  • 2005/2/2 11:58

  • GSake

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if you can't connect to your my sql database you won't be able to run xoops...

tell your host to open you a new one if the old one is problematic and reinstall - or backup the existing one via phpmy admin, import into new one and link XOOPS there by changing the mainfile.php, but WITHOUT doing any changes to the file structure at all...

if you are generally unable to connect on any MySQL database I think it's time thinking of a new hosting solution...

Re: Hi
  • 2005/2/2 12:38

  • tumbler

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no sorry! my site is working perfectly. but i wondered when the MySQL server is down. What page will appear? a blank one?
I don't want a blank page when someone goes to my page when the server is donw. I hope i am correct now. sorry for my english


Re: Hi
  • 2005/2/2 14:21

  • carnuke

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tumbler, this is a worrying question ... why should your site's database go down? Is it really a likely scenario? If so, you may need to consider a server with a more reliable projection.

Yes, it will produce a blank page with some error messages. You cant automatically switch to another database, without changing mainfile.php settings.


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