Forum just like this?
  • 2004/10/13 20:12

  • valery

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I want to install in my XOOPS installation
the version of forum and theme of the site just like this.
It is nice forum and theme!
How can I do this?

Thank you in advance

Re:Forum just like this?
  • 2004/10/13 20:41

  • Marco

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newbb2 is used on this site
officialy, newbb 2 is a release candidate, that's to say can not be used in production environment.
here, on xoops.org, they benefit from the last updated files of the module (Predator and phpp are the developpers of it)
you'd better to wait some days (less than 15 days I think), the newbb2 last version will be published...

Re:Forum just like this?
  • 2004/10/13 21:28

  • tedsmith

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Also, don't forget that to get the 'flat' forum view (i.e. start of topic at the top and newest most recent response at the bottom as opposed to nested hyperlinks) you need to set the 'Default Comment Display Mode' in System Admin\Preferences to 'Flat' and not 'Nested'.

But yes, I too would suggest you wait for the official release. And when it comes out, make sure you update your Template set for the NewBB module. This seems to be a common step people (including myself) have missed out and it affects the display of your actual forums. Predator may have added this to the install instructions for the main official release though. Just a little tip for you.

Re:Forum just like this?
  • 2004/10/14 9:46

  • valery

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Thank you very much!

I want to use XOOPS newbb2 instead of vBulletin forum.
As I see it has the same functionality, but the design of newbb2 is better then vBulletin ( www.vbulletin.com )
Some more questions:
1)can I moove post from one forum to anothew in newbb2

2)can I install XOOPS with newbb2 on 5 different domains
and use one users database?



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