PocketThemes.com currently using phpNuke, can it be updated to xoops?
  • 2004/10/7 4:59

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As the title says, I'm currently looking for an update to PocketThemes.com, the #1 site for PocketPC themes. The current phpNuke has been modified a great deal and it's 4 years old. I'm curious if all you great xoopers could have a look at the current site at PocketThemes.com to see if xoop would be a good fit. I'm also interested in some of the various modules. The ones I've looked at thus far are:

1. xDirectory - I'm especially interested in consolidating the current 87 categories and making it easier for people to "drill-down" to exactly what they're looking for.

2. XOOPS Gallery - to show all of the theme screenshots we have online, currently over 93,000.

3. Any other recommendations??

Would it even be feasible to make such a change? If xoop is not the best update, any suggestions?

I'm also looking for someone to code this for me as I am not a coder. I had two coders working as volunteers for several years, however, their "day-jobs" have become much more stressfull lately. Any takers?

Keep up the fantastic work!

Re: PocketThemes.com currently using phpNuke, can it be updated to xoops?
  • 2004/10/7 6:34

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Nice site, Ive been there before looking for themes for my iPaq 5555 PPC.

After looking at your site I can see a full conmversion to XOOPS would be very feasible.

Here's the breakdown.


· Home
· Download Themes
· FAQ's: Need help? Look here
· Theme Statistics
· Submit Themes
· Theme Developer's Guide
· Forums
· Rules
· Contact Us
· Advertise With Us

The home page of XOOPS can be easily configured to summarize and link to the tons of content you have in each cms module.

For downloads, a good choice would be WF-Downloads which has all the features you could expect for a download module. Including counting downloads and creating report summaries. Also includes screenshots.
Addons could do whatever else was required.
This would cover Theme Statistics and Sibmitting themes for download.

You could use TinyContent for the Theme Developer pages and and rules... As well as the advertising.

For the FAQs you could use SmartFAQ which is an active advanced XOOPS module for managing the content.

The great NewBB 2.0 forum is a great choice to start and possibly continue and existing forum.

Of course there are several functional contact forms or other pages of information your need.

Built into XOOPS is a banner management system which allows your sponsors to continue seamlessly.

Donations module for handling your paypal donations similar to your current method. With some great features.

And XOOPS itself has many built in modudules and a great user management system...

I've converted several site from php-nuke to XOOPS and its like a hot knife through butter.

Then you just need a kickass theme and maybe an amazon module to sell books, and new & used pocket pc's.

Would be a great site on xoops.

There are also some good scripts out there to move your existing nuke userbase to a XOOPS userbase.

Ive moved a few and it worked out, with some minor tweaks.

If you need some XOOPS module developement or themes, id be happy to work on this project.

Best Regards,


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