Customizing menus and article management
  • 2004/8/27 16:57

  • saurab

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Hello everyone,
I am a complete newbie to XOOPS. I just installed it and it went very well. I like it.
But there is a certain problem, which I am unable to solve, for which any help would be really very welcome.

I added a "Sections Module", and configured it to add 2 sections : "CSS" and "PHP". To each of these sections I added 3 articles each ... lets call them CSS1, CSS2, CSS3 (for the CSS section) and PHP1, PHP2, PHP3 (for the PHP section). All went really fine.
Now, when i previewed the results of what I had done, there was a "Main Menu" item at the left corner under which the there was a "section" link which on clicking led to the displaying of the two content categories PHP and CSS .
What I want to ask is this : Is there any way I can add the sections namely PHP and CSS "directly" to the main menu instead of going "through" the Sections link on the Main Menu ?

In other words, how do I configure the Main menu through the administrator's interface ?
Thank you for any replies or help.


Re: Customizing menus and article management
  • 2004/8/27 19:01

  • rcjohnson

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The sections module that comes with xoops2 core is very basic indeed, and will not allow the functionality that you are requesting.

The best thing to do for your situation would be to use a module called TinyD. TinyD is a hacked version of TinyContent that will allow you to create several categories, with subsections for each category, and each main category would have its own main menu structure.

One of the downsides to using TinyD is that you can not rename the folders or paths that are used.

So, a path to your CSS would be somethign like:
www.website/xoopsinstall/tinycontent and not

that may or may not be a big deal for you.

There is also, in my opionion, an even better module to support this type of functionality. It is called wf-sections, however it still needs a bit of work before I would use it. Check out wf-projects.com for more info.

Re: Customizing menus and article management
  • 2004/8/27 19:53

  • tjnemez

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you could edit your system_block_mainmenu.html

<table cellspacing="0">
<td id="mainmenu">
<a class="menuTop" href="<{$xoops_url}>/"><{$block.lang_home}></a>
<!-- start module menu loop -->
<{foreach item=module from=$block.modules}>
<a class="menuMain" href="<{$xoops_url}>/modules/<{$module.directory}>/"><{$module.name}></a> <{foreach item=sublink from=$module.sublinks}>
<a class="menuSub" href="<{$sublink.url}>"><{$sublink.name}></a>
<!-- end module menu loop -->
<a class="menuMain" href=" <{$xoops_url}>/modules/.....">your text</a>
</td> </tr>

or you could create a custom block:

there is different solutions, but this one is simple and works for me.

<div class="blockContent">
<table cellspacing="0" width="100%">
<td id="mainmenu">
<a class="menuTop" href="yoursite.com/">text</a>
<!-- start module menu loop -->
<a class="menuMain" href="yoursite.com/">text</a>
<!-- end module menu loop -->

this will have the same style as your main menu. to add more links just add: <a class="menuMain" href="yoursite.com/">text</a>

Re: Customizing menus and article management
  • 2004/8/27 20:09

  • tjnemez

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the above does not generate sub menus, and i have not tried to add sub menu items. but, should be able to in same manner.

Re: Customizing menus and article management
  • 2004/8/27 20:19

  • wcrwcr

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