Problems with eCal 2.24
  • 2004/4/28 2:45

  • jfernau

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I'm trying to use eCal 2.24 with XOOPS 2.0.6. I am having 2 issues:

1. On the "main" view, the variable _CALENDEVENT is printed in the upper left hand corner instead of it's value, which is set to Event Calendar. I have uploaded and reinstalled multiple times with the same result. All of the other variables display as they should. I installed it on a second domain, and it works fine. SO far I haven't found any differences between the two other than one works and the other doesn't. Worst case, I can either hard code the value (only need English), or delete that line altogether. It would be nice to get it working though, in case it is a symptom of a larger problem.

2. The more important issue: I need for the calendar to start on Monday insead of Sunday. I found a post in this forum describing how to make that change, but it was only for the mini sideblock calendar, not the main centerblock calendar.

If anyone can help with either issue, especially #2, I would really appreciate it. eCal is perfect for what I need, I just need it to start on Monday.



Re: Problems with eCal 2.24
  • 2004/4/28 20:53

  • sylvainb

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Hi Jfernau,
Answer is onto my website!

Re: Problems with eCal 2.24
  • 2004/4/29 1:54

  • jfernau

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  • Since: 2003/12/29

sylvainb -

It works now!

Thank you!



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