XOOPS on PHP5 - success story ;-)
  • 2004/3/28 14:58

  • pavcio

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I`ve just sucessfully set up XOOPS 2.0.6 on PHP5. But I had to make some modifications.

First of all, I had to change name of 'clone' methody of XoopsObject in kernel/object.php, because this name is reserved in new PHP. Then it turned out that PHP get_class() function is now case-sensitive, so I wrapped all calls with strtolower(). My patch is here: http://ares.4lo.bytom.pl/pavcio/downl ... isc/xoops-2.0.6-php5.diff

But that`s not all. After patching the XOOPS source I realized that PHP crashes (!) sometimes when Smarty is outputting some templates (?). I tried to debug it but after several hours I left it. I`ve replaced old Smarty bundled with XOOPS with new version - 2.6.2. Now everything works fine and it`s much faster!

Hope this post will help somebody.

Re: XOOPS on PHP5 - success story ;-)

the main problem with XOOPS and PHP5 has so far been the sending of objects as references in function calls, which has not seemed to work very well.

Have you had any problems in that area? Solved them?

Re: XOOPS on PHP5 - success story ;-)
  • 2004/3/28 16:49

  • pavcio

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I haven`t got any other problems than described by me. It just works.

Re: XOOPS on PHP5 - success story ;-)
  • 2004/4/26 17:30

  • ZPC

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Anybody got white pages after login after this procedure (the changes listed above and new Smarty 2.6.2) and no error messages even with debug mode on.
I can access most of the admin pages but cannot view any normal page.

Any guesses?

Re: XOOPS on PHP5 - success story ;-)
  • 2004/8/5 6:32

  • blueangel

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hi pavcio,
some hosting are starting to update the PHP versions from 4 to 5, and this cause of course problems with XOOPS 2.0.7

can you explain us more in detail how you made runnign XOOPS with PHP 5

thanks a lot in advance


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