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Posted on: 2004/3/4 4:22
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Just popping in
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Submitting to the Project


I'm finalising my test install at the moment, and am thinking of trawling through the code and writing a bunch of 'hacks' to better support my users. A common example is .. say .. when submitting an entry into a forum, not having a link to [more...] smileys if there are no more smileys. You know, the little things that make a product a little more polished.

As I go through and do these, I'll document them all, and I'll just post them up here for people to use/try .. But, is there a method to incorporate these into the core? I'd love to be able to help out the XOOPS community as a whole.

I'm also thinking of rather than providing a hack in places, to create a module that can be added .. like an expanded 'Who's Online' box which is more focused on being used in a wide centre view rather than in a side box. That sort of thing ...

I'll also have these available from my XOOPS site once it's gone public.

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