Re: [Module Request] "Car Garage" module (2)

I want to release a beta version of garage. I think with the improvements that jlm69 has done with the module this might be possible very soon.

I would like to hear from northern and jlm69 about the release and when should it be done?

What we will do is set the module up on sourceforge so everyone will be able to collaborate together. Everyone will be able to download the same codebase and make improvements in an open source fashion.


We can also talk about improvements to garage here or on...


We really dont need to use any pm's I like to keep everything out in the open. That way anyone that can help will be up to speed right from the start.

So lets keep all the ideas in the threads please!

So anyway all we need now is a response from northern and jlm69. Then we can get the ball rolling so everyone will be able to have access and with that comes better ideas!

Re: [Module Request] "Car Garage" module (2)
  • 2007/9/10 22:51

  • jlm69

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I didn't turn on the upload option yesterday, There is a typo on the index.php page that will not show the photo.

1. index.php around line 32

To show the image on the garage page,

Change this :


to this :


Another typo

2. include/functions.php around line 52

change this :


to this :


I don't have a php 5 site that I can show you. I had to set one up on my computer just to test this for you. I can put it up on jlmzone.com, it works the same on both servers.

If you want I will send you a link to the code I have now. Believe me I haven't gone through it very well, but I would think it could be released as Beta. I works. I think there will be many changes before it is a final release.

I am very interested in what this module could lead to, and I will be here to help if it is wanted.



Re: [Module Request] "Car Garage" module (2)

John I would love a link to the module. I would like to test out what you have done. I have a 5 on 5 server to put it through the grinder.

Yes your help is very much wanted! I can't say enough how much this module needs your input.

Re: [Module Request] "Car Garage" module (2)
  • 2007/9/10 23:32

  • jlm69

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I sent you a PM with a link.


Re: [Module Request] "Car Garage" module (2)

Thank you for the link John. I have been all through the module and have not found any php5 errors. Very nice for a beta module.

The module has a long way to go but I feel that it is stable enough to release it in this beta condition at this time.

I hope that northern will download it and give his approval to release it.

Northern you have a pm to the link of the module. Please review so we can release this module.

Re: [Module Request] "Car Garage" module (2)

Here is a temp link to a demo of the module.


Again this is just a beta with lots of things to make better.

Re: [Module Request] "Car Garage" module (2)
  • 2007/9/11 2:40

  • Northern

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Sorry for the wait.

@ John.

Thanks for the help, it was needed badly.
A you are a person that helped in the making of the module I would insist you place your name in the xoops_info.php under the credits.
as for errors and such, IMHO I did good for a one handed person on some good meds.

The derection I was tring to take was both php4 and php5 along with XOOPS versions 2.0 and 2.2 .

@ Billy

If John feels its safe and ready for the public to play with, then by all means release it.
I havent had the chance to download it. ( check your PM's )

As for Sourceforge, its a wonderful idea,Strangly.... I just have no clue how to use it IE: Uploading it, altering it, ect.

Ive read some of the errors I made, and I cant beleave they were so simple, just basic typos. wow... lol


Re: [Module Request] "Car Garage" module (2)

garage beta 1 released

After 9 pages on this thread its time for a new one.


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