Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2009/2/11 19:17

  • bjuti

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So is there any progress? :)

We want new image manager!

Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2009/2/23 17:45

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Any word on further development?

Having a core system to easily catalog and access all resource media for a site is essential -- images, movies, music, files and articles. We need to be able to use all of this stuff in news postings, forum postings, wiki posts, etc.

Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2009/2/23 19:12

  • xgarb

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a media manager would be great. I mentioned this before.. https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=62414&forum=8&post_id=282250#forumpost282250
but you would also want a way of quickly adding something to a post without having to add it to your account.

It is a great strength of XOOPS how components work together.

A lot of work though!

Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2009/2/26 18:40

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It would be great if anyone could add an image or movie to a post and click on a check box to have it uploaded to the media repository rather than the forum/uploads.

It would be even better to have a preference option in CBB for admins to choose whether to use forum/uploads or the centralized media repository.

It would be super duper spiffy to add a module interface with rich permissions to add/delete/move/categorize/mark NSFW media files. I ask for a module rather than current admin interface so we can give moderators the ability to manage the media files easily from the regular menu structure without giving them access to the admin area. This would also give users a chance to re-use some of the media themselves rather than re-uploading for each message they want the media in.

It would be absolutely fantastico to add in avatar, smiley and rank image support with multi-file upload capability so all images on the site are managed in one place.

Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2009/3/1 18:12

  • Catzwolf

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Making everything into a module just to allow a moderator to access it, is very short sighted indeed.

What really is required here is the ability for XOOPS to move forward from this and actually give the admin the ability to give users a moderator task area within the front end of XOOPS (if Admins feel uncomfortable giving users back end access, which of course moderators can do right now.)

Keeping the image manager as a system module would keep the development under the core developers and ensure the further development in the long run. We have seen to many times how modules soon become outdated and unusable.

I agree that image manger needs a massive update, there is so many things wrong with this area, I would basically scrap it and start again and without the need to save everything in the database. Waste of system resources imho.

I personally would have the ability to tie media to articles/content and if you delete the article it should delete the media too.

Plus media should be stored in categories if the admin should choose to do so and just not with the same folder (uploads).

All media should be viewable in the admin area, mp3s, images, swf etc and the ability to alter media config (streaming media) should be within the content admin. (I kinda liked the way that Joomla did this, but not quite the same way. Will explain more if required ).

Also, hooks should be made available so any part of the system or modules can have access to it.

Access rights should be applied to each folder and moderators should have moderation rights from the frontend as well as the backend.

Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2009/3/2 8:16

  • noo-b

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catzwolf you have the concept and ability..hope you can make your idea a reality in XOOPS core...

I Love Xoops

Re: ImageManager - Replacement - Long Post!...
  • 2009/3/4 4:42

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THAT is a great vision Catzwolf. Move the media manager into something that can grow with Xoops. But it also sounds like another several years of development.... :( What are the chances of us seeing this really necessary change in our lifetimes?

I also REALLY like the concept of leaving files as files when it really isn't necessary to add them to the database. This is one of the reasons I really like Dokuwiki over the other wiki solutions. Especially if this would allow mass uploads to a directory that are then easily accessible.


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