Re: Post your feature requests for the newBB
  • 2003/12/23 4:05

  • zer0fill

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Admin Side
1. More user-friendly interface.
When adding several new category or forum, it's a pain in the butt because i get sent back to newBB's main menu which means a lot of clicking. phpBB's interface is pretty good since you see everything in one window and the ability to add categories, forums, and re-arrange right there. In addition to that, we see the category each forum belongs to. As it is now, if we have an "Announcements" forum in every category, how do we know which "Announcements" we are editing if we want to change the title? (We just have a dropdown with several "Announcements" forums).

2. unlimited sub categories

3. Moderator is optional. If no moderator is assigned, the Admin is the implied moderator.

4. Remember our input if you must display an error on a seperate page. i dont remember how many times i forgot to put something in after typing out a long-ish description. now i save everything to notepad before hitting submit.

User Side
links in each post (suggested placement)
1. Link going to recipient (who post was for)
- Right-alined on the "Posted on" bar
- <a href...>@Post#3</a>
2. Link for that specific post (for easy reference linkage)
- Before poster's name
- Probably post #in thread (ie: 3rd post has an <a href...>post3</a>
3. (bug?) When we post in a multi-page thread, we get sent to the first page than our post.
4. Highlight searched text ala vB
- &highlight=text+query in the url will highlight all matching text in the thread
5. show only one instance for each thread hit (in searches)
6. show search results by post
7. search query must be in body of a post, not the whole thread.
ie: "cookie AND disabled ie OR mozilla"
because of the quotes, and AND/OR constraints, every query must be in someone's post. if cookie and disabled appeared in sperate posts, it will not be a successful hit.
8. (NEW) numbered, bulleted listing (with sub-sub-sub bullets)
maybe something like
[*]main cat1
[*][*]sub cat
[*][*][*]sub sub cat
[*]main cat2
don't know of any boards that allow this (sub cats)
9. (NEW) Tables? similar to Smarty's wiki
||cell one || cell two ||
|||| big ol' line ||
|| cell four || cell five ||
(notice empty cell in row two)
i don't think any other message board allows tables
10. google-like searches cookie -mozilla
11. [php][/php]
12. highlight a word, click the link button, type url, and presto the word is now surrounded by [url=http://..]word[/url]
13. allow registered users to specify how many posts per page we can vew (ie: 20, 50, 100, 200 posts per thread page). same with thread listing
14. prune to tar.gz (so we still have a history)
15. auto-check "notify me.." when submitting or replying to a thread. it should see our preference via our account settings. (send notification by email)

Re: Post your feature requests for the newBB
  • 2004/4/22 12:01

  • dtrimpey

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I agree, a printer friendly version button would be great. Overall, this is a great forum though!

Very simple feature requests
  • 2004/4/22 13:33

  • Coplan

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1) When posting (or replying), there is no way to tell what forum you're in. I know that sounds like a silly request, but my users have requested it multiple times.

When you are browsing a forum, you see the tree at the top of the screen that you're browsing. I think that needs to remain at the post level.

2) On the admin side, it would be nice if there were an easy way to switch out the BB icons (locked, hot topic, etc).



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