Re: "Universal" module framework...
  • 2010/8/12 2:01

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I think it would be best to try to identify much used functions of modules and the functions of the other frameworks. From that list a selection can be made on usefulness, times used, etc and then add them to Frameworks.
When enough functions with good documentation is provided, module developers can update their modules or updates of older modules can be made so that they don't need anymore their particular framework, which is mosttimes only a dummy module serving as function library.
Common module functions as found in eg News etc. could be a pdf generator.
When functions are more or less similar, try to find out, what and why there are differences and maybe unite the functionability inside, so the similar function can be served by the main Frameworks function.

I don't see much benefit of the plugin system. But some compatibility files to replace the orginal framework may be recommended. They will be mosttimes a simple include_once /Frameworks/...

Re: "Universal" module framework...

Just a quick update....

Seems that one thing leads to another... lol

Anyhow, for those wondering where this is at...

While starting my research into building a framework it led me to the documentation we have online which led me to try to find as much as I can and so on and so on...

At this point I am not working on this and it is on a back burner while I work on the Wiki.

I DO plan to get back to it but not until I get some major reworking of the Wiki finished. In the process I am learning A LOT about how xoops modules work and hope to use this knowledge to build a better framework.

What this means is at this time I don't expect anything to really happen with this until about the time xoops 3.0 is in beta form. Atleast not from me.

Re: "Universal" module framework...

I sure do seem to jump around alot. Due to classes I have that are swamping me I have back peddled again and am working on some other stuff. I am going to wait a little while before working on my uModules system to see what happens with XMF and potentially xoops 2.6.

In the mean time I will be trying to find time to work on some other things which I will comment about elsewhere.



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