Re: WF-Sections V1 Released
  • 2003/6/28 18:21

  • Anonymous

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Thanks for that quick reply, I disabled the topics block and that did the trick..

many thanks

Re: WF-Sections V1 Released
  • 2003/6/28 19:45

  • rgiord54

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Catz, sorry you took it the wrong way but i just saw everybody's questions getting answered but mine and I thought this was bug and it still doesn't work. I guess I have to wait my turn

Re: WF-Sections V1 Released
  • 2003/6/28 19:48

  • rgiord54

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Yes i tried that, I checked them all and still no luck but thanks for asking

Re: WF-Sections V1 Released
  • 2003/6/29 6:26

  • techgnome

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Once again I am humbled in the presence of the master. As usual Catz, you have created a first rate module! With this release, you really do deserve some time off! Way to go! I did have a few problems with the upgrade on my test site (good think I checked it first ) -- NOTE to others comming up from B5 to V1 - I had to back up all the wfs tables, uninstall the module, re-unpack the files, then reinstall it. I then added back in the data from the back up --- becarefull, as there is a field on the articels table that has been removed in this version, no biggie - it's the orders field (last on the list) so it's easy to remove from the SQL. Hope this helps any others from the same heartache I had.... good thing I tried it on the test site first :)
At any rate, a good job well done Catz....

PS: Catz - Since I know you are keeping up on this thread, I guess I should mention what problems I did have. It may be related to the fact that I was moving from b5 to V1... but the wfsupdate.php removed fields OK, but wasn't adding them for some reason. Not sure why, as I never got any kinds of errors.. .even when running XOOPS w/ PHP debugging turned on. I you need any further info, PM me and I can fill you in a little better.

Re: WF-Sections V1 Released
  • 2003/6/29 7:26

  • finalfiler

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Hi Catz & all,
My first update/ install failed miserably. Turned out to be a foolish setting my ftp client.

Anyway, updated all files & module etc. Looks good.

However, sub-categories are not appearing in the drop down selection box.

Any help appreciated.


Re: WF-Sections V1 Released
  • 2003/6/29 12:23

  • ombres

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en francais ça donne :
depuis le temps que je voulais te remercier pour ce module, cette fois ci je le fais.... un gros gros merci pour tout ton taf ;o) et franchement continue ce module dechire tout ;o)

In English :
I can't say sommething... this modules is the best that I use in my xoops. I use it for my work , for privat job... Big big Thx for all your work.

In deutsch :
Ich mag gern deine Arbeit, catz...

All thx from the XOOPS community all aroud the world yeeeahhhh :o)

Toutes les fautes d'orthographes sont ma propriétés intellectuelles loool

Re: WF-Sections V1 Released Not valid SQL
  • 2003/6/29 12:46

  • domin

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hi, Catzwolf

i can't create a new directory via upload management in wf-section. anyone help me?

WF-Sections V1 not showing content
  • 2003/6/29 14:05

  • ronvdb

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This must be the best content displaying module ever released to XOOPS (and any other cms system). The admin part just looks fabulous !

I do have a little problem with it ... it is not showing the articles i published,i'm sure they are published because the Article Online Management shows them as being online.

Not in the wfsections menu on my homepage, not when i go to mysite/modules/wfsections/.
I do get the wfsection main index and the list with all the page titles, but when i click on any of them i do not get visible content.

Re: WF-Sections V1 Released Not valid SQL
  • 2003/6/29 15:09

  • zeroK

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domin wrote:
hi, Catzwolf

i can't create a new directory via upload management in wf-section. anyone help me?

Open the admin/filemanager.php and search for following section
if ($action == 'mkdir') {

$newdir str_replace("../"""$_POST["new_dirname"]);

$newdir strtolower("{$dirpath}/{$newdir}");

Replace the last $newdir = ... line with following:
$newdir strtolower("{$HTTP_POST_VARS['dirpath']}/{$newdir}");

I also had to change some other parts of the filemanager to get the upload, the whole navigation and the mkfile to work.
Patchfile <- this patchfiles includes all changes. The only thing I couldn't get to work yet, is the uploading within articles. Probably thanks to a safe-mode restriction.

Re: WF-Sections V1 Released Not valid SQL
  • 2003/6/29 16:34

  • Reosys

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Catz, can you remake the zip file?
(with corrections and bugs fixed)

Thanks for your good work.

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