Re: Cutting out the Geeky stuff!
  • 2003/11/18 8:42

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Now, to the point here: If someone was to patch the News module to do this, what happens to the templates with the old <{$story.morelink}>? How does a template designer know that the old morelink is depricated and the 6 others take it's place other than by comparing versions of templates?

This is an important point. There are already a lot of themes out there... I don't know how many 'template sets' exist with replacements for the 'news article' but I'm sure there are quite a few. If the news module suddenly stops providing 'story.morelink', then all these templates "break". I guess for a limited time, both the story.morelink and also the split up version could be provided. The story.morelink could be documented (in the list of variables for the template/module) as deprecated, maybe set to expire in e.g. 6-12 months (at which point it will not be provided by the news module) so template designers would know not to use it. Perhaps the list of variables could include a version number. Then, templates could indicate which version of the variable list they support. Then e.g. the module installer/updated could easily identify mismatches (perhaps giving the option of trying anyways) in module-variable-list-version and template-version. Hmmm....

Re: Cutting out the Geeky stuff!

I think a simple list at the top of each template listing available variables and their meaning is a great idea.

Just open SMARTY debug and copy-paste the list of variables and then change the values to descriptions. I'll do that in next version of Team Module.



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