Re: Geneweb is Free
  • 2004/7/28 15:22

  • koertzen

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Yes, that is true that you CAN create and edit your GEDCOM files/date from within phpGedView which is one of the reasons we chose it for porting to Xoops.

If anyone is interested in assisting on the project, please let me know and sign up on the Dev site (link is listed above in this thread).


Re: Geneweb is Free
  • 2004/7/28 16:14

  • JMorris

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The Dev site appears to be closed for registration.

This project is of particular interest to me. I'm a little tied up right now, but I would be more than willing to help in my *spare* time.

PM me with some details and I'll let you know what I can do.


Re: Geneweb is Free
  • 2004/7/28 17:08

  • koertzen

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I'm confused. According to this story posted on 7/15 by mithrandir, the Dev site should be open for registration, not closed. You should be able to register there without any problems. You just need to tell me what your user name is once you've applied (it's a separate system database with potentially different user names) so that I can add you to the project.

I'm still working out the project scope, so right now we're just gathering interested parties and collecting a wish list.

PHPGedView enthousiasts
  • 2004/7/28 17:19

  • Big_H

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Just signed up on the Dev -site. No problem. Registered with the same username.
Only how do I sign myself up to this project.

Don't know much about PHP, but I'm learning every day.
So I hope I can be of any help to you.

Greetings Big H

Re: PHPGedView enthousiasts
  • 2004/7/29 1:43

  • JMorris

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Wrong site, my bad. Registered on the Dev site as JMorris. Same as here.


Re: Is anyone interested ine a Genealogy Module for Xoops2?
  • 2004/8/3 19:21

  • billfarr

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I'd like to add my voice to those looking for a good genealogy module for XOOPS. I've hacked and stretched and patched Geneweb til it won't go any further. GW simply falls far short of the features I need. I corresponded with one of the co-authors of GW who invited me to learn OCaml. Thanks, but no thanks...that's a perfectly vile language.

I have the start of one, but it uses the IBM UniVerse database system - a natural for handling tree data. If I don't find any joy in Google today I'll set about RTFM'ing the XOOPS module HOWTO in order to port my UniVerse db client connector to XOOPS. Apparently, there isn't a UniVerse database connector yet. Since I wrote that in standard PHP, it shouldn't be TOO hard (it's a bigole include).

Was really hoping to avoid the work to finish my genealogy program, though if anyone has found anything since the previous post. Porting out of GW won't be a BIG problem since I have the perso.txt file set up to deliver an XML file. (There doesn't seem to be any other way of getting data intact out of the thing.)

Waiting to hear any suggestions,

Re: Is anyone interested ine a Genealogy Module for Xoops2?
  • 2004/11/8 21:36

  • HerbKilby

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I have been using TNG as a stand alone on my site for a couple of years now. I am convinced that it is the most comprehensive genealogy program on the net. And at $27US it is a steal.

I'm new to XOOPS and am running a test copy on my computer at home and have sucessfully implemented TNG using iframes. The only thing I have left to do before I go live is to merge TNG's users system with that of XOOPS so my users will only have to log in once to use the program.

You will still need to administer accounts within TNG to set the permissions for view living/edit/add/delete; but, you had to do that anyway within TNG as a stand alone.

I'm also working on hacking TNG to allow visitors to add comments to individuals in the database, submit photographs, and documents.

I'll keep everyone informed as I progress.

Re: Is anyone interested ine a Genealogy Module for Xoops2?
  • 2004/11/10 20:21

  • Ray69

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I am also new to Xoops. I have been running TNG on my site for some time. It has developed into the best genealogy program I have ever seen. The developer is constantly updateing and adding features. The small fee he charges is not going to hurt anyone. I am new to PHP but will work to port TNG to XOOPS if I have to. Having said that, I hope we can create the interest in one of you developers to port TNG to Xoops. I think you will find it wlii be very popular.

Re: Is anyone interested ine a Genealogy Module for Xoops2?

I would be interested as well.

Re: Is anyone interested ine a Genealogy Module for Xoops2?
  • 2005/2/4 0:12

  • BrainDead

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Everyone is talking about phpgedview. I have been using it for a year like everyone else and I am still waiting for someone with the proper knowledge to help with a module.

phpgedview is the best free genealogy program out their. It would be widely used if someone would spend the time to make the mod.


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