Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/10/11 6:59

  • irmtfan

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let me explain the XOOPS search system.
XOOPS Core has not any search function itself and just use modules search function.
in each module we have some configs for search in xoops_version.php
for example in newbb/xoops_version.php we have:
// Search
$modversion['hasSearch'] = 1;
$modversion['search']['file'] = "include/search.inc.php";
$modversion['search']['func'] = "newbb_search";

XOOPS Core search in ROOT/search.php just use the search functions in modules.
This is really good and sophisticated method because:
1- contents are in modules and module developers should decide about accessing to them.
2- by upgrading a module and add some new fields with some content XOOPS Core will not break and still can work.

But there is one major and one minor functional issue in XOOPS/search.php:

Major issue:
while using module search function is good and definitely is the best and only solution for whole website searching, It is an issue that XOOPS CORE only can use some limited functionality of modules search function.
eg: in newbb i completely rewrite the "newbb_search" (search function) in "include/search.inc.php" (search file) but XOOPS CORE still use some few general input parameters

Minor issue:
It get two queries instead of one query 1- to get search results 2- to find if there is a "next page" or not

To solve both Major and Minor issue:
IMO while using the limiting features of module search function is good and definitely is the best and only solution for whole website searching when we search in all modules ( tick all modules in XOOPS/search.php), it is bad coding (I even consider it as a bug) to still use those way when you click on "Show all results" link for each module.

The solution:
IMO when you click on "Show all results" link it should use the ROOT/modules/MODULE/search.php and not ROOT/search.php

and implementing the above solution to ROOT/search.php is very very easy.
then in the first search step when you search all modules in ROOT/search.php you just have limited functionality but after click on "Show all results" you have the full search functionality that module developer offered to you.

I really like to have community opinions on this. maybe we should follow in a new thread?

Also i need your opinions about 2 other issues in newbb:

1- i consider that text field for "post text" is not enough sometimes.
I see major forum systems like Vbulletin use LONGTEXT instead of TEXT for post texts.
should i follow and change that field?

2- i consider sometimes our websites will run out of memory because the memory is limited for shared hosting ( eg: 128M )
see this topic: https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?post_id=349472

specifically i consider we have this issue when we use some queries like COUNT on the whole table.
eg: in newbb viewpost.php?status=all my website get a 500 error because there are over 200,000 posts

what is the solution?

Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/10/11 8:49

  • irmtfan

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i found a new bug today.
new posts are wrongly shown from the user last visit that stores in cookie:

but it should be shown from the read items stored in database.
I will update with fix soon. i hope tomorrow.

Ok i corrected the above bug too and update the SVN
finding the functional bugs is hard and finding the solution for them is really hard task.

Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/10/20 12:27

  • irmtfan

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Finally today i did the last changes in php files to make newbb ready to accept a functional template html files.
The first newbb full div template set name is "opacity" and is added to SVN.
Now newbb templates are fully functional and the way is open for designers to do everything they want and release new templates just by changing js and css files.

the templates structure is like below:
html files:
templates/*.html and templates/blocks/*.html

ONE CSS file style.css:

js files:


The overall priority for parsing template set is:
Priority for path per types:
 *                    ELSEIF 
 *                    ELSE 
TAKE  XOOPS_ROOT/modules/newbb/templates.

the priority for language path is:

for CSS:
ELSE TAKE ../css/language/english

for js:
ELSE TAKE ../js/language/english

for images:
IF EXIST ../images/language/YOUR_LANG TAKE IT
ELSE TAKE ../images/language/english

As you may know There were many bugs ( I solved more than 100 bugs in the last 2 months) in newbb remained unsolved from newbb2 and cbb3 for almost 8 years.
They have been solved now in the latest irmtfan branch.
some of the major bugs that make newbb completely useless in the last versions were:
- read/unread feature
- delete/restore AND pending/approve topics/posts feature
- synchronization feature

Also some bugs that make some mal functioning in newbb were:

- since feature
- search feature
- select forum box
- list.topic.php page
- notification system
- toggles

Also many hardcodes has been removed, many queries has been reduced and some new functionality has been added.

See demo here:

I also add a hack in XOOPSCORE255/search.php and enhance it to redirect to MODULE/search.php file
see request feature in sf.net for more infromation

I make a download link too because the current SVN is not easy for new users:

IMO we need more tests in these areas:

- read/unread feature when the read_mode = 1 (cookie) if anybody use cookie option please report any bug.

- session system (still i think there is a bug when user submit a post)

- mysql count functions when the number of items are huge cause 500 Error. is there anybody encounter 500 Errors in newbb?
see this topic for more information:

Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/10/27 5:55

  • irmtfan

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Now im working on this bug and will update the svn soon.

read/unread feature when the read_mode = 1 (cookie)

There is another bad and obvious and very old bug in newbb that need a little discussion.
Number of topic views is increased every time a user ( anonymous or member instead of topic owner ) click on that topic.

The above is very bad because when a visitor ( a new user ) see a large number of views he wrongly think there were many different people click on that topic but dont send any reply.
for example see this topic in xoops.org home page:
Xoops .gzip compression
number of view are about 100 but IMO only less than 10 people click on that topic and other clicks are repeated views by those 10 people.

Also the above issue will increase the number of queries in newbb to increment the "topic view" field in db every time anybody click on that topic.
The above can be solved by using/enhancing read/unread feature in newbb.

but first we should answer the following question.
- when we should increment the "topic views" in db?
1st answer: only for people never click on topic before.
2nd answer: only for people never click on topic before OR dont read one/some new posts in that topic.

implementing the 1st scenario is very easy in newbb.
but for the 2nd scenario we have problem when the read_mode = 1 ( no issue for read_mode = 2 )
for read_mode = 1 we should add one field in bb_topics table to record the last post time in that topic.

your opinions are highly welcomed.

Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/12/21 6:43

  • hipoonios

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Just found a simple bug. If you quote a post and click preview button the quoted text will mess up the page.

Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2012/12/22 4:56

  • irmtfan

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do you use the latest versions from newbb svn
both alfred and irmtfan should not have this issue.
maybe an issue in your theme.
you need to provide a screen shot + source codes of the corrupted page.

nobody report a new bug in more than one month in this forum, my forum and persian local forum so IMO newbb 4.3 is quite stable version now.

Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2013/1/31 4:15

  • irmtfan

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based on some requests in my websutes i need to enhance the newbb block system.
I need to have a block for "topics has a poll" but i consider that the current block only can show topics with new posts.
It is very limited.
I worked on it and i want to make it fully functional that can accept any criteria.
I mean it can show all kind of topics
eg: sticky, digest, lock, poll AND all UN_
voted, viewed, replied and all UN_
even can show readed and unreaded topics (based on each user.)

also blocks based on author topics, based on types.

sorted by any field and ordered DESC and ASC.

with post title excerpt.

Also i will add the "post text excerpt" to show in block. so users can see the post text of the latest post in topic with mouse over.

you can select each field to display in the block

in one sentence: It will use the topic renderer class used in list.topic.php page with all features you can see there.

please if you want any additional feature let me know.

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  • 2013/3/25 15:03

  • Yurdal

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Where can we download this latest version of Irmtfan ?


I cant download anything ?
Is there a direct download link for this ?

Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2013/3/25 15:50

  • Mamba

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You can use TortoiseSVN to check it out, or you can use this little program to download it.
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: Newbb 4.3
  • 2014/5/5 22:12

  • Falcon22

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I am using Newbb Version : 4.3 RC4 and love it.

The thing is after all these years I think I need to sync but the sync section has the following options. which i don't understand; please advise!

Forum Data - Items for each loop:
Topic Data - Items for each loop:
Post Data - Items for each loop:
User Data - Items for each loop:
Read Data
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