Re: My tabs 1.0 alpha is released for feature requests
  • 2009/1/10 13:41

  • trabis

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blackrx wrote:
is it ok if i use the alpha module before the beta/final is release?

No way, I have deprecated the new spotlight block but that is not bad news.

I have managed to merge the to systems so now you can use spolight skins to display blocks and menu skins to display spotlights.

Translating, there is no 'menus' folder and no 'spotlight-menus' anymore. They are now in one new directory named skins.

Each skin has now a skin_version.php for some settings, credits, version etc.

Each skin has its own style.css and theme.html so theme designers donĀ“t have to face any limit while building skins!

Mr.theme has already made a new skin which is very cool!

And there is no spolight block anymore.
Spotlights are made in the admin has pages.
When you click on create new page you will now have 2 options:
Block - for creating tabs with blocks
Plugin - for creating automatic tabs based on plugin

So you just select this plugin or block page on mytabs block and that is it!

Further I would like to take away skin settings from the block.
I would like users to create skins just has they create pages with preview and everything.

The goal is to have a mytabs block with just 2 settings.
Choose page
Choose skin

So no no no, probably there will not be a mytabs 2.2. It will be a mytabs 3.0

Re: My tabs 1.0 alpha is released for feature requests
  • 2009/1/10 13:47

  • blackrx

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thats alot of new features...thank you !!!!

i'll wait for this new release...


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