Re: myAlbum-p 3.04 - Many Bug Fixes (SEO Fixed, Please Test)

Thankyou terrion, perhaps people realize when a module is released to the community it is for debugging and finding bugs. The reason they are not IMMEDIATELY ADDRESSES is cause I am quiet busy with keeping food on the table and paying bills. Not all my modules are release to the public, some are commerical, and even those, I may have not recieved any money for like Prochatrooms 7.13.

If you need something fixed immediately contacted me on IM like terrion has, or other people, I am around normally after 4PM AEST. I may have to go out and get a job soon anyway cause the cash well in XOOPS in australia is drying up. The other option I have is to outsource chronolabs co-op to Indian as I have some developers that are willing to deal with you from there, my only concern is quality.

I don't have time to test the functions of many modules which is why they are posted in 'Module Testing Area' you can either be negative, or you can enjoy my contribution, I am the only person apart from mamba who was here when i joined first in 2006, that has been contributing to XOOPS Consitinantly. I could always go away, but then my beloved portal system will die in the arse, cause the only people hear seem to bicker and not take a developer like myself who has been writting code for more than 20 years as founded advice. Sure PHP isn't my first language, infact it is my 10th language I have learned I am orginally from a c++, C, vb background.

So while you all have your little egocentral blast on a forum, you can leave the hard work up to people like myself that are willing to put a house, a livelyhood and other things and pleasures on hold for open source, man I live in a converted shed, i dont even have a house and the USA owe me on my IPv4 design information that was used for the protocol over 4.7 Trillion AUD. SO the last thing you want to be with is america cause i have been run by some spy agency or some ????? since high school with the most ridiculous life of crime, drugs and death, and believe me I know how and when to use a gun.
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