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This took me a bit longer, because I had to move some furniture over the weekend (lame excuse).

This module is really simple, because it is only meant as a techdemo.

What you have to do: XOOPS 2.3.2 (required), install the module, install xlanguage 3.01 (set up German and English as base languages).

Define categories, write content. If you find bugs, keep them.

How it works: It is rather simple and more a "hack". The annoying part with the multilingual solutions was the fact, that you always had to type in the markup for each language. Now you do not have to type the markup, but it is invisibly there.

En detail: Every time you write something multilingual, a config-file of xlanguage will be read. The base language are read and will be displayed as flags or input fields. When it comes to saving the content, the language markup will be added by the script. When you edit this content, it is going the other way round. The markup will be deleted and assigned to the input fields for each language.

This is "just a hack" and far away from being a multilingual system. The advantage is, that this hack is simple to implement (even in XOOPS-Core-areas, you also have to do some database work to change database fields for being bigger). A true multilingual is everything but trivial. Who is interested might have a look at the "code", which is far from being optimised.

Have fun testing and reading spaghetti-code.

You can get the module HERE



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