Re: webphoto again
  • 2008/9/1 8:27

  • ghia

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Or does anyone have a workaround that I don't know about?
In admin - preferences - system - meta tags and footer, in field footer after
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Re: webphoto again
  • 2008/9/2 0:32

  • eireann

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Safari and IE7 should be a must for everyone making their own site.
I personally think:
I dont know anyone personally who uses safari, but many who use Firefox.
So, Safari is surely not a must.

For IE7: I think IE6 is more than enough. It works fine to enter FTP and up and download things. FF cant be used for that. For all the rest FF is probably the best browser, although sites like e.g. BBC.co.uk have IE specific pages that dont work on any other browser.

Talking about OSs:
today I found this in the newspaper:

They seem to be proud to offer a possible downgrade to WXP:
Resized Image

Browsers for Site Testing
  • 2008/9/9 18:07

  • Alan-A

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Hi, before anyone says anything, yes, I know we're off-topic but it seems daft to me to start a new thread at this stage.

So, Safari is surely not a must.

As far as I know, Safari is still the default Mac browser, coming with every Mac OS and as far as I know is used by well over more than half of all Mac owners. As it is now available for Windows and Linux, it will become even more important in the future.

For IE7: I think IE6 is more than enough

Somewhere in the Bible is a saying something like, "Pride cometh before a fall...."
The following example should go some way to explaining what I mean with this reference.

I have only Win2k and therefore no IE7 or Safari (you can't install either on Win2k). I have a web site that uses a lot of JavaScript to generate page templates and a tab menu system. I was also naive enough to not to test my web site in IE7 until a few weeks ago. After all, JavaScript only gets extended with each new browser version and I'd tested it with IE6, FF2 & Opera9 .....? Ha! Ha!

You can still take a look at the mess IE7 makes of my JavaScript in the next day or so, as I won't get access to a computer with IE7 to fix it until the weekend. Don't ask me how much that mess in the most widely used browser in use today has cost me when potential customers have taken a look at my site. However, I'll bet that I could probably have bought a gold plated IE7 with the money.

And what brought me to check my site with IE7 six months or so after I'd tested it and found it to be ok?

Quite simply, I installed Firefox 3. It made a similar mess of the menu tabs on the first page of my site to that which IE7 makes. This time it was because of a change in the way Firefox calculates offset attributes.
(Don't worry if you're a web developer and didn't know about this change - as far as I know, this is a bug and is only documented on my site (fame at last) and on a bug report I submitted to Mozilla.org (Which at least means more fame and improved ranking in Google!))

I've fixed the Firefox3 bug only a month after the new version was introduced but this experience started me off thinking that I might have other unseen pitfalls lurking, and with my IE7 bug, I was more than right!

OK I've fallen flat on my face twice with JavaScript and, Eireann, I presume you were talking about CSS but tell me, which gets changed the most with each new browser version? CSS or JavaScript?

As I said, pride (or lack of money or whatever), cometh before a fall.


Re: webphoto again
  • 2008/9/10 20:24

  • jfmoore

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Extract the module directory to your local drive. Then search for word or phrase using InfoRapid Search & Replace. It's free, I believe, for non-commercial use.



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