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so normaly to all be legaly 100% you will need the aprove of the author that writed that tutorial right?
But what to do in the case if for example i founded let`s say tutorials or guides that doesnt have writed :author name and neither email contact in the tutorial that he writed?What to do in that case?
And if for example in that tutorial is writed on the end:
Author : John Smith
no email,no phone no nothing in this how can i get in contact with that author to ask him for permission or something?
Normaly i know i need the rights to redistribute it but if in that shop i put more then 1000 tutorials how to contact so much people for asking just rights?there should be an organization or something to share an part or something from the profit made by selling those tutorials and that organization to give the each writer some contribution or something!
How do you see this or what do you think?
But normaly how this is working more exactly:amazon is selling harry potter book online let`s say the user receive the book downloadable digital (pdf book) a part from the money remains to Amazon and an part goes to who more exactly?And what is the process?
But if i want to sell let`s say XOOPS books,tutorials and i make money i can donate an part to XOOPS community too but with who should i speak more exactly about this?!
Thanks again guys!

Re: xasset..functions..
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I can see you are trying to do it correctly, but you do face a bit of a minefield.

If you sell a tutorial that carries no copyright notice, you might get away with it as long as the author doesn't complain. However, the site you copied the tutorial from (assuming you did) may have terms and conditions that state that intellectual property rights are retained by the site owners, or their contributing authors.

If you re-purposed a tutorial in a different format, i.e. converted 10 web pages + images into one downloadable PDF file, you would be creating a 'new' work, albeit based on someone else's writing. To be honest, that may be what the original author did! - copy bits of info from here and there and put it all together. If you included a credit to the original author they may not object, but no guarantee.

If you are looking at this as a business, I am sure there are e-book 'wholesalers' who will sell you books at cost with a licence to re-sell. I believe a lot of commercial e-books are protected using DRM to prevent re-distribution. Actually, this is a bit restrictive. You can sell an old Harry Potter book in a car boot sale, but you probably can't put the e-book version on eBay.

Bigger question is... will anyone buy tutorials? The internet is awash with free ones.
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Re: xasset..functions..

I just don`t want my webhosting to be cancelled for just one tutorial that cost 0.5$ or 1$
Anyhow hope nobody will complain about this!
I know the internet is full i don`t want to get an porsche from this just money for one ice cream
anyhow i`m waiting jd opinion too!
Thanks peekay for your feedback!


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