Re: [Community Request] Take the Challenge!
  • 2005/10/9 10:01

  • Herko

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*discreet bump*

Re: [Community Request] Take the Challenge!
  • 2005/11/3 11:29

  • JMorris

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::not so discrete bump::
Insanity can be defined as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Stupidity is not a crime. Therefore, you are free to go.

Re: [Community Request] Take the Challenge!
  • 2005/11/3 12:40

  • Watdehek

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Providing help to a fellow user?
Yes, as much as I can....

Providing, polite, constructive feedback to the community?

Donating time to help maintain the XOOPS.org site?
I'm sorry guys, I'm too busy with other stuff....

Developing a Theme or Module for XOOPS?
Changed a theme

Submitting a bug report to help improve XOOPS?
I'm sorry guys, I'm too busy with other stuff....

Actively promoting XOOPS at other web design related sites?
Sure! XOOPS is great!

Financially supporting XOOPS with at least a small donation?
Was planning that for a long time and actually donated a few minutes ago....

I think most of the people around here think XOOPS is a good product, or even the best CMS at the moment, don't let a few people spoil it!

Re: [Community Request] Take the Challenge!
  • 2005/11/3 19:49

  • Bender

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Thanks James, that will really save a lot of typing and thinking for me i planned for the weekend.

To just add on the original posting:

Yeah for my taste several discussions are going far to personal in the last months. There is nothing against a controversial discussion but stop the personal attacks and watch your wording.

After all: People will also build an impression of you which might be aslightly better one if you can make points with facts and not personal attacks.
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