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Posted on: 2004/8/29 0:11
Skitzo (Show more)
Just popping in
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Re: I need multiple "news" modules. Preferably with a wsywig as the users....

I used the stories module but I'm having a couple of issues.

One if I enter a table with html code the table works but it adds a line above the table for each cell in the table. Any thoughts?

The other is that the article itself uses the .outer class of the theme css for posting but it combines the table background of the outer class and the standard font color of the theme which leaves me with a white background and a very light grey text. help!! I've tried adding a color tag for the text but it does nothing and I try to adjust the background of the table by adding a more appropriate color to the background-color tag of the Outer class.
Again no effect. My best guess is that the outer class is over ridden by some other class.

http://www.hurricanehobbiesracing.com ... articles/article.php?id=2
if you would like to see.