Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/1/1 3:12

  • maxxy

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After the release of XOOPS 2.0.18, the XOOPS Core Development Team is moving on to XOOPS 2.3

there is a wikipage by phppp here that inviting user to state their wishlist for the next version of XOOPS 2.3


but i think wiki is unfriendly..better we use this forum for more user participation


phpp wrote:

XOOPS 2.3 will be
* The merge of XOOPS 2.0* and 2.2*, which has been expected by all XOOPS community.
* experimental implementation of features that not design ready for XOOPS 3.0
* PHP 4 compatible and supporting MySQL 3.23+

Task: developer(s)

* New block engine:
* Admin area theme engine and GUI:
* Extensible user profile module: phppp,
* Modularization of private message:
* Modularization of banner management:
* Moularization of comment system: phppp,
* Moularization of notification system:
* Enhancement of XOOPS form and editors: phppp,
* Initialization of i18n: phppp,
* CAPTCHA implementation: phppp,

my wishlist as a XOOPS user

1. captcha - ability to enable/disable

2. Easy Custom page without using module
right now there is no module included in the core except the system,
so at least make a fuction for user to create a custom page eg about page

3. redesign comment system - make it simple like a blog page, comment and wysiwyg editor is in the same page and
if possible make it ajax

4. improved XOOPS default dhtml editor..the default dhtml editor right now is unfriendly

5. we have template overiding..what about language overiding ?

6. remember me feature - option to enable/disable

7. combination of notifications and PM system

8. block permission on the fly - user can set block permission during the process of creating a block

9. change the admin theme/admin themeable

10. easy multi language

to the core team

more feature request are listed here


what can be implemented please implement it..

can't wait this to be a reality...........Xoops is the best !!!

Keep up the good work

Happy New Year to all !!!

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/1/1 6:03

  • jimmyx

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1.sitemap ?

2. modify backend.php so any modules can be easily included

3. Improve search system - template, search per module etc

4. improve profile system - have template for form - register.php, edituser.php

5. improve avatar system - auto resize

6. improve default editor -tooltips, youtube. etc, new button etc

7. Ajax Redirect Message

7. captcha in register.php

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/1/1 14:18

  • slyss

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Other two points:

- Ajax users's profile (click here)

- Ajax who's online (click here - see the center-block into home page)



nb: for dev-team: if interested please contact me

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/1/1 16:20

  • irmtfan

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my wish is simple.
the stable 2.3 version should come out As soon as possible.

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/1/4 9:40

  • irmtfan

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They are failing to merge the 2.0.* branch and 2.2.* so they are just still releasing updates when they should be focused on merging the two branches.

that is why i keep on saying XOOPS should release 2.3 ASAP.
and many other comments are getting around.
any new feature should be manage to implement after the 2.3 stable version.

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/1/4 15:40

  • Will_H

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I concur, new feature would be fantastic... but the realization of a single current version is imperative.

also, <{$user_previous_lastlogin}> here

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist


* Write down your Wishlist for XOOPS 23 Wishlist for XOOPS 2.3
* Write down your Wishlist for XOOPS 30 Wishlist for XOOPS 3.0
* Write down your Wishlist for XOOPS Future
https://xoops.org/modules/repository .. It is time to get involved - XOOPS.ORG

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist

Well I suggest the localized date function, like you add all the date templates and you put an extra option in admin section to select which kind of calendar you want to use!
this might help a lot for local support sites, some countries have different calendar types etc....

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/1/5 15:02

  • sarahmx

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- separate the Login Box and forgot password in user.php
eg user.php?op=forgotpassword

- remember me feature

- ajaxized xoops

- built in visitor log

- improved search, pm, notifications, comments, who's online block

- url rewriting

- add online/offline status in profile and also improve the status in comment..user should have the option to hide their online status..like in IPB...hide user from online list

got extra question

1. is there any expected date when will 2.3 be out
2. will most of the modules still work when using this brand new XOOPS ?

Re: Xoops 2.3 Wishlist
  • 2008/1/8 18:44

  • maxxy

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Administrator/Moderator Action Log

Log what actions taken by administrator/moderators
eg delete user, edit comments etc


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