Web Hosting Module
  • 2004/7/12 21:30

  • zeroram

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  • Since: 2004/6/30

I have made it a Search.. and i didnt find any module for this... so this is my suggestion.

a WEB hosting module for xoops, similar maybe like WHautopilot or maybe something more simple like PHPCOIN

http://www.phpcoin.com ( if you get an error page,please try later.. i think they were working on something when i visit)

i think some tools are already in XOOPS like FAQ,NEWS,TUTORIAL,members modules... so integrate all this with a web hosting module will be a good idea...

Re: Web Hosting Module

Would be awesome with such a module - I am not personally comfortable with the functionality needed (meaning, I know what it *should* do, but not *how* to do it)

Re: Web Hosting Module
  • 2004/7/12 21:43

  • intel352

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i would definitely like to see something developed along these lines as well (hosting), but i don't have the time to invest in such a project.

Re: Web Hosting Module
  • 2004/7/13 16:17

  • castortroy

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i would donate to anyone who will make such a module.

Re: Web Hosting Module
  • 2004/7/13 18:09

  • ChadK

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I just installed that phpcoin software and it's very impressive!

There are some mods and such for it already.. one integrates the login with phpbb:
And a nice WHM integration module for automatic domain creation.

also looked in the forum in the gallery (links to sites running phpcoin) WOW.. some very impressive looking sites!

Re: Web Hosting Module

Indeed, looks very powerful.

I am still not really comfortable with HOW it works and what needs to be done in order for it to work (nameservers, payment integration, the works) but it seems doable to turning it into a module.

Re: Web Hosting Module
  • 2004/7/13 20:12

  • intel352

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i haven't looked at it's requirements yet, what makes you uncomfortable about it?

btw, if you're looking for a good hosting control panel for billing and whatnot, tryhttp://www.psoft.net << HSphere is what i use, it's excellent.

Re: Web Hosting Module

Well, basically I'm not so much into what makes a webserver working with domains, nameservers and everything - I mean, one thing is to get it working on the webserver, but how does the web "know" about it?

HSphere is not free is it?

It's not that I am personally looking for webhost software, but I'm interested in something, which can be changed to a XOOPS module (which is actually a problem with phpCOIN as its license is not GNU/GPL or similar - I've contacted them for a collaboration on this, to see if they are interested)

Re: Web Hosting Module
  • 2004/7/13 20:32

  • intel352

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heh, no, hsphere isn't free, but for the $$-minded, it's cheaper than stuff like cpanel, and not buggy!

what do you mean, how does the web know about it?

Re: Web Hosting Module

I mean that the domain needs to be registered somewhere in order for them to work - I don't know if subdomains have the same thing?


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