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Posted on: 2004/4/8 18:22
keavo (Show more)
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Domain change problem

I am currently trying to move my first XOOPS site into production. I had my admin point the domain name to the finished development site (I plan to do any additional developing locally), but all of the links in XOOPS still point to the old development URL. When I modified the 'XOOPS_URL' variable in mainfile.php, all the links returned a blank page that only displayed a '1'. Is there something that I can do to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance.


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Posted on: 2004/4/8 19:11
hal9000 (Show more)
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Re: Domain change problem

I had a similar problem on my intranet that i built.
I had my site set up to an ip address (of the machine) and wanted it to work with the computer name instead.
I found that by running the initial setup file again and specifing in there that the sites root was 'machine name' rather than 'ip address' it seemed to all work fine.
might be worth a try on your problem