Re: Help with Switching between Javascript and Html Menu
  • 2004/1/29 17:59

  • Brad

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You know... It's quite possible that I missed the menu the other day when I was looking for the link to register.

I say that because today at work, I used Firebird (which is what I used at home to visit the site) to check out VarLinux again and I was able to see the menu with no problem.

<- I need to clear my eyes, I guess.

relative positioning with Tigra Menu
  • 2004/2/4 22:02

  • jurgis

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I found Positioning Tigra menu a problem, because U have to give absolute values.
a little hack helped in Opera (
AnchorPosition_getPageOffsetLeft stuff from http://www.mattkruse.com ) but in Mozilla it still does some unpleasant fun,
and I feel like my way is not the best, because after resizing U have to refresh in order to put it into right place

any suggestions ?

fanx in adwance

ok, I edit my post, 'cause I found some good example, how to deal with (pseudo)relative positioning
there is also a very explanatory step-by step tutorial :)

4 others to find this post searching keywords:
dynamic, drop-down, pull-out, pop-up dyna , cascading

Re: relative positioning with Tigra Menu
  • 2004/2/27 12:48

  • rabideau

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I know this is a bit off topic but perhaps it will help. I too struggled with tigra menu/ hvmenu and a few (dozen) other tools (same problems you've been having). Finally I broke down and spent $65 on a tool that is easy to use and works splendidly, albeit a bit counter-intuitively. It is called "1 Cool Menu FX- dual"

You can download a fully functioning version at: CoolMenu Site

It works wonderfully, easily, and all those good things.

You can check out my new menu scheme at: http://ezappraiser.com Just click on one of the banner buttons at the top to see the menu in action.

btw. Please email me if you run into problems...


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