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Posted on: 2003/10/28 17:10
Oki (Show more)
Just popping in
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Some question about XOOPS Kernel?


When you'll discard old theme functions and others such as OpenTable(), themecenterposts()?

Well, i'm asking because i have never used this functions after release 2.

Another question is:
Could you think about implement PHP-Layers Menu like PHPMailer? using an XOOPS Class overriding original classes.

My last question...
When base classes will be moved to kernel? i'll like to see the kernel more enhanced

Best regards,
Celso Goya


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Posted on: 2003/11/4 19:04
ajaxbr (Show more)
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Re: Some question about XOOPS Kernel?

We were discussing Chapi's hack (the one that implements "xoops_moduledir") and we came to talk about a way to avoid messing too much with header.php and I suggested that XOOPS could have a includeinheader.php file included by default in header.php and treated as a "messable" core file [edit]That would make header.php synchronizable with a CVS, as it is right now we'll always have to get a new version and re-hack[/edit]

For most hacks I know it would work fine, but Oki really knows a good deal about the ways XOOPS works and brought up that there are a couple compromises due to support of old version's themes that would require more than one include, resulting in a worse mess... and those compromises are the point of his original post here.
So maybe we have a feature request here, but then, if his original questions could get a little attention, I'd be enough for me